Important! – Don’t miss this one: The rest of Normal’s fleece

By:  Diane Benjamin Normal Mayor Chris Koos was nominated by Sen Dick Durbin to the Amtrak Board of Directors.  Amtrak and Koos are a perfect fit.  It does mean that Koos can no longer participate in discussions about building an underpass since all decisions involve Amtrak.  See PDF page 5: Amtrak will be paying […]

The Normal circus last night – Part 3

By:  Diane Benjamin Part 1: Part 2: Most of the Connect Transit discussion will be in Part 4.  (likely tomorrow!)  Two points needs clarifying first: 3:07:00 – Karyn Smith stated at the last meeting Kevin McCarthy said if there was a choice between a full fare rider and one that is subsidized of […]

Normal: Only 2 voices of common sense

By:  Diane Benjamin Citizens of Normal can expect more backroom deals and handouts to friends because most of the Normal Trustees didn’t get the message from the last two elections.  Voters can permanently get a representative government in 2021.  Meanwhile Stan Nord and Karyn Smith are by themselves expecting fiscal sanity. The excessive spending trying […]

Fake Republicans on the Normal Town Council

By:  Diane Benjamin Kathleen Lorenz claims to be a Republican, so does Scott Preston.   It is Republicans like these that made me leave the Republican Party years ago.  The days of voting for party are long gone. Base your vote on the CHARACTER of the candidate, not the party. Both Lorenz and Preston know Normal’s […]

The Normal cover-up

By:  Diane Benjamin One more thing happened at Monday’s Normal Town Council meeting that you need to see. First, some background.  Both Bloomington and Normal have decided in recent years to write minutes that don’t reflect exactly what happens at meetings.  If citizens want to research something that happened a year ago and don’t know […]

Update: Normal’s ILLEGAL Public Comment policy

I have been informed Stan Nord sent the two pics below to Pam Reece.  She responded with what the Town lawyer sent to the Attorney General in response to Karyn Smith Request for Review.  The Town claims they read the law – the Attorney General Open Meetings Act training is immaterial.  See the response here:  Town […]

Elected representatives are immaterial

By:  Diane Benjamin At least they are in Normal! Remember how Mayor Koos shut down Stan Nord over expenses because bills listed have already been paid? Auditors make sure the numbers are in the right columns and the required footnotes and disclosures are included in financial statements. The don’t look for fraud and they certainly […]

Normal denies another speaker 1st Amendment rights

By:  Diane Benjamin Karyn Smith is still waiting for a ruling from the Attorney General from when she was denied the right to speak to the Normal Council about the mural – because it wan’t on the agenda.  See this story: The Attorney General is supposed to rule within 90 days, but this is […]

The Connect Disconnect

By:  Diane Benjamin Connect Transit appeared at both City Council meetings last night.  Isaac Thorne, General Manager, didn’t hang around the Bloomington meeting for long.  He rushed off needlessly to Normal since he wasn’t on the agenda until after public comment and regular business.  He could have answered more questions from the Bloomington Council. The […]

Questioning expenses in Normal has already saved money

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember the $100 a month lease for the property at 305 S. Linden?  Remember Normal was going to pay $5000 to have internet installed?  Normal would be forced to pay property taxes on that property too, the rent likely would not have covered both the taxes and internet.  (See original story: […]

A three minute meeting takes almost 2 hours

Part 2: By:  Diane Benjamin Before Stan Nord and Karyn Smith were elected, Normal’s Council meeting last night would have lasted 3 minutes.  There was no business on the agenda to be discussed.  A Trustee would have motioned to pass the Omnibus Agenda the others would have fought over who could “second” it the […]

WOW Normal!

By:  Diane Benjamin Chris Koos didn’t get the lesson from two years ago when he only defeated Marc Tiritilli by 11 votes.  Last night the voters in Normal sent a baseball bat to the head message:  We demand a new direction! Two of the top three winners took on the Koos and company agenda, Stan […]

WGLT Manipulating voters?

By: Diane Benjamin Is WGLT attempting to deceive voters? Is their General Manager, who is on the ballot, behind it? It’s corrupt enough WGLT controlled the debate with the Normal candidates, since RC McBride works for them, they should have recused themselves. It gets worse! Karl Sila was not allowed to participate in the debate […]

McBride proves why he shouldn’t be a Trustee

By:  Diane Benjamin The WGLT story about last night’s Normal Town Council meeting doesn’t mention RC McBride voted for the water rate increase: Readers are left to surmise he did. This one is worse: I reported this story back on February 28: WJBC reported it on March 4: The […]