The Normal circus last night – Part 1

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Town posted the Work Session and the Council meeting together.  Since you likely don’t have 4 hours to spare to watch both, I will start with the Council meeting.  The 7 pm meeting starts at 2:05.

Since Public Comment was outstanding, begin there.  Craig Stimpert was up first.  He was following by Heidi Zimmerman, Marc Tirittili, Karl Sila, and Ron Ulmer.

I could tell you what each said, but all worth hearing for yourself!  Ron wasn’t on the mayor’s list of speakers (Town error), after calling Ron “out of order” Koos realized the error and let him speak.

The topic was mostly Connect Transit.  Karl Sila brought up the Town’s still illegal Public Comment policy.  The purpose of Public Comment is to address elected officials, but it clearly is for people who bother to watch the video too.  It proves you are not alone.  The speakers last night represent the views of more than just themselves.  Be inspired!  Watch.

The circus started with Public Comment, the voices of we the people were first.  The entire rest of the meeting was the establishment trying to refute them and marginalize Stan Nord and Karyn Smith.

The themes repeated over and over again last night were:

  • Government knows better than you
  • Believe everything you are told by government

This meeting is going to take multiple stories.

The video should start with Craig Stimpert – 2:06.05





17 thoughts on “The Normal circus last night – Part 1

  1. Kathleen (RINO) Lorentz was not happy at all with Stan asking another supplier for prices on something the town purchased at a higher price. She was full of false indignation and appall for Stan’s audacity to research prices. It is obvious to anyone watching that her only mission was to smack down Stan for questioning ANYTHING done by the lords and ladies of Pamela Reece’s court of cronies and criminals. Kathleen (RINO) Lorentz needs to be asked to resign. She is NOT working for the people of the Town of Normal. She is working for the cabal of socialist elites who are burying the town in corruption and debt.

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    1. I am with you (old school) but I think Stan could be sporting a $10,000 Versace suit and the cabal would still do whatever it can to marginalize him. So with that being said, wear what you want Stan because these clowns hate you and what you represent (fiscally conservative taxpayers) anyway.

      And in conclusion: The arrogance and the “we are in charge” attitude of Fuhrer Koos and Reich Minister Reece is beyond the pale and really hard to watch. I am appalled and every taxpayer in Normal should also be appalled by their behavior and attitudes. Koos is a dictator and Reece is his hatchet woman. They should both be asked to resign.

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    2. Diane, I am not Regina, I am Jim. Some wires must be crossed somewhere. I am from here and have family, and friends here. I have always been associated with Bloomington-Normal. My comments regarding Mr. Nord were not meant to be derogatory in any way, but merely a suggestion that might help him. If it will clarify things, I would be glad to change the name that I use. I have endeavored to avoid being negative towards individuals and to avoid vulgarity. If I have offended anyone , please accept my apology. Keep up your good good work.
      Respectfully yours,

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      1. If “Regina” is fraudulently using my email address, please provide me with any information regarding this matter so that proper actions can be taken. Thank you for your cooperation in resolving this somewhat disconcerting situation, before it happens to someone else.


    1. I don’t think muscle shirts are appropriate. I do however feel like a polo shirt or plain a t-shirt (not a political T-shirt) is appropriate…especially if you have a job and the meeting starts at 5 and that is your work attire. My point was I do not believe Stan is dressing like he is our boss because he doesn’t believe he is our boss (like others on Council) he dresses like a representative who has come serve…think Gandhi or Adelaide Stevenson walking around with a hole in his shoe…or maybe Jesus if your are of the Christian Faith. Jesus didn’t come as a King, he came as a baby and was a carpenter…lots of people followed because they could relate and He spoke the truth.


  2. Dear Mike McCurdy,

    #1 Cement trucks are owned by private businesses and they don’t require almost a million dollars a month of taxpayer money to keep them on the road.
    #2 There only a few of them on the road at any one time hauling cement to jobs and they are actually making money for their owners.
    #3 Only a full-of____establishment tool could try to compare hundreds of publicly funded bus trips to an occasional cement truck delivering to a job site.


    The Sane Taxpayers of Bloomington-Normal

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