The Normal circus last night – Part 3

By:  Diane Benjamin

Part 1:

Part 2:

Most of the Connect Transit discussion will be in Part 4.  (likely tomorrow!)  Two points needs clarifying first:

3:07:00 – Karyn Smith stated at the last meeting Kevin McCarthy said if there was a choice between a full fare rider and one that is subsidized of course Connect Transit is going to go for the full fare.  She claims that appears to prejudice against low income and disabled riders.  At 3:07:27 McCarthy calls a Point of Order and goes on to claim that isn’t what he said.

What did he say at the last meeting?  Below is exactly what he said and the applicable video:

. . .  public transit system is intended to be for the entire public not a small segment of the public and certainly increased ridership means increased use and increased costs but also means increased revenue.  And if able-bodied riders are the largest segment why would we choose to alienate the largest paying fare-paying  population in favor of the most subsidized rider population. Financial strategy straight up makes no sense . . . . .

2:09:50 – Kevin McCarthy from 9/16/19:  Don’t rely on Closed Captioning – it isn’t always correct

I think Karyn has a point, it sure sounds like McCarthy wants more full-price riders.  Maybe he hasn’t reviewed the reports closely.  The more riders Connect has the more money they lose.  Nobody pays the full cost of a ride.

McCarthy reveals the real problem.  Who decided the local transit system was created to serve the entire public when most of the “entire public” will never ride a bus?  Is the real problem the Connect mission of trying to serve everybody whether they want served or not?  Are they not serving the transit dependent because they have chosen not to?  Is serving the “entire public” preventing them from serving those with no alternative?

SECOND ITEM needing clarification:  What the minutes reflect:

Go back to Part 2.  Karyn Smith wanted the minutes corrected to reflect what Stan Nord actually said.  The Council voted 5-2 against her, the minutes will be enshrined forever with things that aren’t accurate.

What did he really say?

This is what the minutes reflect:

nord comment oversight

Listen to the video of the last meeting above at 2:04:15.  Quote:

. . . . they are asking for Town oversight to be removed and they want to become their own taxing body . . .

“They” means Connect Transit.  Listen to Stan’s entire comment starting at 2:01:20.  The minutes do not reflect WHO wants to remove Town oversight.  It was implied last night that is Stan’s view, not Connect Transit.

This comment by McCarthy is also in the minutes.  Maybe Part 4 will clarify who is providing factual information and who isn’t.

mccarthy comment

Last night’s video:

7 thoughts on “The Normal circus last night – Part 3

  1. McCarthy admits what we knew to be true for so long, the establishment is trying to push Connect Transit on everyone. They don’t see it as a public service for those most vulnerable and in need. But rather, they see mass transit as something everyone (except them) should ride to work. The problem is, people with a choice will almost never choose Connect Transit. Again, where are the local non-profits? They should be outraged at McCarthy’s comments and the complete abomination that is Connect Transit. Big buses: buy it and they will come is the strategy, not sensible mobility solutions for low income and disabled residents.

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    1. Local non-profits are not allowed to be outraged. They need funds and they have to answer to the masters . Remember that time the Normal Township Supervisor spoke up for the citizens she represents and Koos tried to humiliate her? She has guaranteed funds. Imagine if you salary were dependent on One of these councils.. Community Action should be involved as that would be part of “equipping”, but they won’t be because Koos, Renner, and their cronies control who gets funds and believe me if you don’t go along with “The Plan” you don’t get funds. Whereas Connect is following “the plan”….

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      1. Thanks, Truth. The truth hurts…no pun intended. Ha! There are so many worthy local non-profits that I have helped, raised money for, or otherwise supported. It hurts to know that they are or feel trapped by the so-called leadership in local government. I wonder if there are some people getting angry about Connect Transit in the background. Pam and Chris seem to be very interested in helping clear up some “misperceptions” about CT lately. The organization is on the hot seat with the general public for sure. Hard to convince people you care about them when the roads are all beat up, but driving across the intersection in front of them is a shiny new CT bus with no one in it.

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  2. For those who can read between the lines, last night CT said their #1 priority was electrifying their fleet. Serving the ‘transit needy’ that live in trailer parks or may require a bus stop close to the door to a hospital, doctor’s office, or VA facility are not even on the priority list, as they stated that they will not run buses on private roads (such as are found at trailer parks) or in parking lots (which are immediately adjacent to all the front doors I just mentioned).
    These are publicly stated CT policies. Policies are set by the CT board. The CT board is controlled by our mayors, and to a lesser extent our councils. If you want a public transit system that serves the people that need it rather than one that serves as a PR piece for our elected officials, we need to change who we elect to those councils, and more importantly, as our mayors. I know I’m largely preaching to the choir with that statement, but hopefully it will inspire some of you to spread the word, or even help in the election campaigns of some of the ‘new blood’ B-N needs.


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