The Normal circus last night – Part 2

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you FAILED to watch Public Comment in Part 1, go there now:

Stan Nord pulled both the minutes and expenditures from the Omnibus Agenda.  Stan’s first problem with the minutes is that they do not reflect Koos allowed a speaker to talk about an item not on the agenda.  Koos later cut off Marc Tiritilli for the same “violation” of Town policy.

Koos asked for a motion to amend the minutes not realizing Stan already made that motion.  He was corrected, then Karyn seconded the motion.  During discussion Karyn mentioned at the last meeting they discussed the same and the Council voted down having minutes that actually reflect what happened during the meeting.  She claimed she spoke to the Attorney General and was told the minutes should reflect what took place at the meeting.  2:26:40 – Koos states it was discussed at the last meeting.  He expected people to watch the video instead of reading the minutes.

Question Mayor:  How do people know their was a conflict if the only information is  generic minutes?  Why would they watch the video if the minutes do not reflect what really happened?

Kevin McCarthy claimed the minutes shouldn’t editorialize.  How is stating facts an editorial Kevin?  Koos did allow a comment for an item not on the agenda and then stopped another comment about an item not on the agenda!  That is FACT, not an editorial.

Stan stated the minutes as written re-write history.  He further explained that if citizens choose to speak to the Council he will fight for their right to have their comments accurately reflected for the record.  See 2:30:00.  His comment went over Koos’ head.

Kathleen Lorenz defended the City Clerk.  Of course her comments were a slap at Stan and Karyn.  I wonder if that comment will make the minutes?

Of course the Council voted 5-2 against Stan’s correction.

More re-writing history:

Karyn had a problem with this paragraph in the minutes:

Karyn stans comments

Stan did not request “removal”, he mentions the Working Group was discussing it.  Correction of the spelling of “oversight” was approved, the Council voted 5-2 to allow the Clerk’s “re-write of history”.  There will be more on this in Part 3.

Stan pulled the expenditures to discuss the Town’s purchasing policy.  Koos attempted to shut him down at 2:35:00.  Stan’s questioning has been a topic for months – the purchasing of Town street signs.  I have old emails where he has questioned these purchases before.  He did state he talked to a local vendor who could provide the exact same signs for 39% less.  Since the Town has failed to research alternatives, Stan did.

Kathleen Lorenz (2:41:00) stated she would not be comfortable buying from this local vendor since Stan had talked to them.  She accused Stan of unethical behavior and compromising the entire Council.  What local businesses are you associated with Kathleen?  Any of them local Rotary members?  Maybe buying local should be totally banned since somebody on the Council has likely talked business with most of them!  Why is the Town using the services of Nathan Hinch at Mueller, Reece & Hinch, LLC?  Isn’t Pam husband the REECE?  Is that unethical too Kathleen?

Stan wouldn’t have to do the staff’s work if they did it!  Reece claims they are following procurement policy. (2:40:00)  If identical signs can be bought locally for much less, why isn’t the Town doing it?

Stan also asked about the $4,000 piece of artwork.  He asked if the purchase policy was complied with.  Reece claimed she didn’t know but it probably was.

A FOIA will be filed.

Part 3 next:  Connect Transit!





8 thoughts on “The Normal circus last night – Part 2

  1. Ugh the more I read the more I want to run but I hope to only be here 8 more years. Plus a neighbor is a current council member and that could be awkward lol. Let’s hope Karl plus a couple others step up. Stan and Karyn need help.

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  2. Funny how there dozens of photos on social media of Kathleen Lorenz with Mark DeKeersgieter (director of CIRBN) at every event imaginable in town and the Town of Normal still hires CIRBN all the time. What is up with that Kathleen (RINO) Lorenz? Do what I say, not what I do? Right?

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  3. Kathleen Lorenz is a real piece of work. This charade of hers that she’s Republican is positively laughable. She only pretends, so she has an air of legitimacy at Republican events. Truth is she’s probably “spying” so she can report back to koos and the other comrades. She’s a disgrace.


    1. She literally makes me sick to my stomach when she acts so pious. If she shows up at a Republican event they should tar and feather her. Absolutely corrupt. I’ll give it to her she looks so bad she makes Koos look less bad in public discourse, I’m sure he appreciates her assist by not holding government to the flame…she distracts from how horrible he isn’t all the things he is doing.

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  4. Kathleen Lorenz is demonstrably aghast that Stan Nord spoke to a vendor and that now they’ve been compromised?! What?! She’s supposed to be upset that the taxpayers money was wasted. Money could have been saved. That’s part of your job. They all have such an air of superiority it’s sickening. The mayor is always irritated or condescending. And McCarthy wants more money for a verbatim transcript. Aren’t these people well compensated enough? Shouldn’t the TRUTH in the minutes be an admirable goal rather than the nuisance they imagine it would be? With the exception of Stan and Karyn, the rest are a disgrace. Props to Craig, Marc, Heidi and Karl for their public comments. (Ron, stop yucking it up with these idiots. They neither deserve not appreciate the humor.)

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  5. Here it is folks: stop buying local right now! The City council does not want Stan to exercise his first amendment rights by talking to local businesses then to heck with buying local. I want to know what the “local” business who Stan talked to thinks about Stan being told NOT to talk to local business people! Stan should not be talking to King Koos as he owns a local business! Wonder how Koos would feel if the locals start going elsewhere to have bicycles purchased and repaired? To tell Stan he cant talk to locals is totally insane. Its STAN”S JOB to speak to locals. So if Stan cant talk to locals neither can Koos. Neither can ANY of the council members . Which should be hard for Koos seeing he’s a local business owner.

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