The War is on in Normal

By:  Diane Benjamin

There is a war between the old guard and the newly elected members of the Council in Normal.  Koos and company are not happy!

Chris:  Stan and Karyn were elected because the taxpayers are sick of your $35,000+ a month rent in Uptown Circle, the $2.75 million you handed the developer to get the building built, subsidizing luxury apartments, $100 a month leases for friends, $120 a year lease for another friend, destruction of the mural for another ugly building when the 1st floor of the last building is still vacant, endless spending attempting to get federal money for the underpass only you want, planting a fire station on overpriced property against the wishes of neighbors, and of course the constant tax increases to feed your folly!

Understand Chris?

Evidently not, and neither does WGLT.  They did a very funny story yesterday but left out one big fact.  See the story here:

From the article, Koos proves he has no clue why he only won his last election by 11 or 12 votes and why Stan and Karyn were elected:

koos fart1

Then there is this gem:

koos fart 2

Koos went on to imply Stan and Karyn were elected because of misinformation, but he refused to say what it was.

Chemberly Cummings thinks they are still on the campaign trail.  Nope.  Stan and Karyn are striving for good government and actually representing the people Chem doesn’t mind fleecing with higher taxes.

Kevin McCarthy thinks spending should only be discussed at budget time.  Budgets are general documents without a lot of detail.  The actual spending happens when the Council approves bills.  At Council is where the discussion has to happen Kevin.

So, what did WGLT leave out?

The new Council members have already saved taxpayers money.  The “professional staff” has been paying property tax bills for years they didn’t owe.  Stan and Karyn also disrupted that $100 a month lease and saved the $5000 to install internet.  I wonder why Eric Stock didn’t mention that in his article?

I’m attempting to keep a running total.  It looks like $16,500 so far.  Stan and Karyn aren’t close to done.

I wonder what Koos’s next move will be?  Censure Stan and Karyn for actually representing taxpayers?

Koos obviously has TDS, he also has NSDS.

(Trump Derangement Syndrome – Nord-Smith Derangement Syndrome)

11 thoughts on “The War is on in Normal

  1. Wasn’t the term “MICROMANAGING” one of HALES favorite “isms” also?? Along with “OVER THINKING”
    I HOPE for the sake of DOWNTOWN NORMAL that Koos is run so far out of town that there’s NOT enough sunlight left to run him back in a solar powered car! He could take Tari with him!

  2. And Fuhrer Koos is just not smart enough to do his job. Yes in his mind, if all that negative “social media” with its “misinformation” would go away, everything would be okay. And as we all know, there is a ton of “misinformation” on this site! We of course have another name for it: The Truth!

  3. You nailed it, Diane. I can confirm that there is high level talk within Town admin of possibly censuring Stan and Karyn. Koos and Co. don’t like being questioned on their ridiculous over spending.

    1. That would be a huge political gamble. If they do censure Stan and Karyn, Marc Tiritilli wins big in the next election. Even the establishment has had it with Koos and the status quo. He’s a political liability. This will only make him politically weaker.

  4. How dare Stan and Karyn try to save the taxpayers money! Off with their heads! We cant have that kind of fiscal responsibility in Normal! Give the people of Normal a voice? Give them the truth? Punishment of death will be handed down to these traitors says King Koos!

  5. Back when Normal elected its’ 1st Marxist mayor, Carol Reitan, years ago, I thought it was a lost cause. But darned if there might not be hope, after all.

    Bloomington, however, may be beyond saving. Still worth the fight, though, if for no other reason to leave the Lefties as damaged as possible.

  6. Koos & Co. can’t handle dissenting opinion and are actively working to silence the opposition. No surprise there. They can’t win in a basic debate/discussion on the issues so they attempt to impugn the credibility of their political rivals while trying to sell us on a “go along to get along” approach to government. I’m sure their tactics will include reminding people of a “better” time when the Town Council meetings were only 15 minutes long, things got done, and weren’t contentious. Haha! Right. As if it was a good thing that there was no debate or questions asked, just rubber-stamp whatever the mayor wants.

    1. If Koos & Ko want to play the “let’s wax nostalgic” card, I’d say we need to rewind a little bit further, to before we were tens of millions of dollars in debt, before we had a council that considered subsidizing luxury apartments a not only a priority, but seemingly the town’s Ultimate priority – one worthy of ignoring their own historic preservation commission recommendation, worth ignoring a petition with thousands of signatories, worth violating state law to suppress dissent, and worth paying interest on the money needed to do so. And now apparently worthy of censuring representatives the people elected with a landslide victory.
      Maybe it’s just me, but I’d say it’s time to re-evaluate the town’s priorities.

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