Introducing: The REAL Kathleen Lorenz

By: Diane Benjamin

Of course we know the local elections are not non-partisan. Koos and Renner don’t hide the fact they are Democrats. Carrillo and Crabill don’t hide they are socialists. Scott Preston is involved with the local GOP party. The association list goes on and on. When elected, ideology isn’t suddenly thrown out the window for the public good.

Below is a RING video of close to 2 years ago. Kathleen Lorenz is out campaigning for re-election. She is at house with a Stan Nord sign in the front yard. Listen to the video, Kathleen is upset Stan is supporting a Democrat in the race when he should be supporting good Republicans like her:

So what did this loyal Republican do for this campaign?

Circulated petitions for Chris Koos!

Lorenz also circulated a petition for Democrat Chemberly Cummings who ran against Dan Brady. She was joined by local local Democrats: Hannah Beer, Rachel Lund, and Elizabeth Johnson

Stan Nord was running by himself 2 years ago. He thought Karyn Smith at least partially aligned with his views on the debt and frivolous spending. Stan’s support is the only reason Karyn was elected. If any other candidate had been on the ballot with similar views Kathleen Lorenz would be history by now. Voters can make her immaterial by defeating candidates she aligns with. She also circulated petitions for Scott Preston and AJ Zimmerman.

Kathleen was upset Stan supported a Democrat, but this GOP precinct committeeman circulated petitions for one.

This folks is the real Kathleen Lorenz!

She has no conscience and no core beliefs.

She is the reason many refuse to call themselves Republicans, including me.

This election is going to be easy. You can tell from the petitions who the establishment supports and who is aligned with Stan Nord’s values. I will be doing more stories, but you can see the petitions here:

Don’t miss this weeks History Friday. It won’t be about Thanksgiving. It’s going to be local!

6 thoughts on “Introducing: The REAL Kathleen Lorenz

  1. Kathleen will say and do whatever she thinks is necessary to get what she wants. I knew her from soccer and she is a backstabber and the worst person to deal with.

  2. First, anyone know the history of this woman on why she came to town in the first place? I find it hard to believe she is a born and raised local. I’m still laughing at her “Purdue” and “Big Ten” reference like it’s an extra bona-fide for someone to vote for her. I knew a guy that used to do the same thing like it made him the smartest guy in the room to mention it although his ISU educated wife doubled his paycheck every two weeks. If Kathleen was that smart she would be using her degree and not working at a non-profit or better yet, not be working and living in a place like BN. People in this town absolutely kill me. What a bunch of plastics.

  3. Another local leader with no real convictions of her own. She’s a typical go along to get along, BN politico. She backs Koos to staying with the majority in order to get what she wants. Kathleen, Koos, and the other bobbleheads on the Council despise Stan because he sees right through these phonies and has been able to hold up a mirror to this Council and its actions for the taxpayers to see. (Way to go, Stan!) Let’s not get things twisted, however. If the Council consisted of a majority of “Stans,” she would be their biggest fan and attack any critics on the other side.

  4. She often talks about making Normal like Naperville. I view her as an occupier who wipes out the local culture and history. What her, Koos and her cronies are doing to our downtown, and the mural, makes me understand why cultures have fought so hard to keep their history and heritage.

  5. Kathleen is concerned with the “underbelly” of B/N infiltrating the local Unit 5 school district. What does that say about her and her “values?”

    1. There’s still time to circulate petitions for school boards (including Heartland), library boards, and perhaps some others!
      * Support * Recruit * Become * Good Candidates!

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