Illinois needs an IQ test for elected office

By: Diane Benjamin

Maybe they should at least pass a common sense test before subjecting us to their less than thought out plans.

Here’s an example from Jesse White’s Secretary of State Office:

If you bought a car and applied for plates you used to get a cardboard plate that was screwed on until your plates arrived. The dealer would hand write the expiration date.

A month or so ago the Secretary of State decided dealers needed to PRINT the temporary plate on thin plastic. How long do think this will be attached, the picture was taken on a windy day in a parking lot. Imagine what actually driving the vehicle will do to it:

It gets worse. Dealer can’t print this piece of plastic until the Sales Tax is paid. That comes out of the dealers pocket since the check for the vehicle hasn’t even been deposited yet. That check could take days to clear so the State is taking money from dealers before they get it!

Just more proof Illinois is not business friendly or very smart. I’m sure they think this is progress.

If you hear candidates call themselves progressive or talk about progress, you will get less-than-thought-out programs like this one.

15 thoughts on “Illinois needs an IQ test for elected office

  1. Checks do not take days to clear

    Dealers exist on borrowed funds (called floor planning expense)

    This does not cost them anything and the state saves money…something you always talk about

  2. Sorry none of what you wrote is true. Brought a new car a couple of years ago. The dealer gave us an actual Illinois license plates and put it on the car before I drove it off the dealer’s lot. Brought another used car a couple of months ago that dealer also had an actual Illinois license plates which they attached to the car after we brought the car. I don’t know where you photographed that bumper or whose automobile dealer you’re talking about, but temporary license plates aren’t used in Illinois anymore.

      1. Let’s see here is the Secretary of State web site. It states that temporary license plates: “A TRP is a CARDBOARD license plate with a yellow and red design that must be affixed on the rear plate bracket where the new license plate will eventually be placed. Working with law enforcement, the Secretary of State’s office is also making improvements to the TRP inventory and distribution system.” Don’t know why that plate is bent could it be the driver’s fault and not the state of Illinois fault?

        Also my sister brought a car from a private owner. Went to the DMV and got her license plates the same day she brought the car.

      1. And that is a bad thing because? Apparently you wouldn’t have anything to complain about with bent temporary licenses. It would seem that the bent license would be the fault of the owner of the car and not the state. What exactly did they back into to cause the damage to the license? It also seems that the license could easily be unbent by the owner. The IQ test should have been given to the owner of the car not the state.

  3. So dealers saving money and capitalism operating efficiently is not a good thing? I thought you were pro-capitalism Diane.

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