Petitions for Town of Normal

These were set to me like a FOIA request:

Mayoral candidates:

Trustee candidates

Lots of interesting stuff here I will write about later!

10 thoughts on “Petitions for Town of Normal

  1. Is it me or did Koos write that he’s running for “TON President”? I’d like to think I know my civics, but that’s a new one for me. Diane? Other readers?

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    1. Indeed. Same old people (Jeff Fritzen, Cheryl Gains, RC McBride, Sonja Reece, Paul Harmon and Kathleen Lorenz,) supporting the same old people. “In Normal we plan our work and work our plan.” These people are planning their work and so must we. Koos, Preston, McCarthy and Cummings all need to be defeated in April. Their plan just isn’t working for the people of Normal.

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  2. I note how easily Koos lies in signing the optional “Loyalty Oath” about not being a communist or overthrow the U.S. Constitution. Hallmark of a democrat.


      1. Apparently he liked what he saw over there with the chicoms. And he’s a POS for keeping his bike shop open while mocking every other business in town that had to close.

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