High taxes – People leave!

By:  Diane Benjamin Attn:  Bloomington Budget Task Force, McLean County Board, and Normal City Council Illinois has the second highest property tax bills in the country!  https://www.illinoispolicy.org/illinois-homeowners-pay-the-second-highest-property-taxes-in-the-u-s/ People are leaving both Bloomington and Normal:  https://d2dv7hze646xr.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Population_Change_JobsGrowth.png Just because you have some project you want to do doesn’t mean you can raise taxes to do it., If […]

The Tari podcast APPEARS!

By:  Diane Benjamin Surprise!  WJBC decided to post the Renner podcast.  Yes, he did call anybody who objected to spending money for flamingos “loud nasty voices”.  Listen here. http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/wjbc/media/mpeg/Tari_Renner__Bloomington_Mayor_8_12_15-1439477301.mp3 I bet you didn’t know the Zoo Master plan is a contract to fund their projects!  The Council is always told Master Plans don’t assure any […]

Tonight: Throwing more money away

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight the Bloomington City Council will approve paying the McLean County Regional Planning Commission $54,212 for the plan they created:  http://www.cityblm.org/Modules/ShowDocument.aspx?documentid=8974 The plan was out of date before it was issued because it pretends Bloomington is growing.  Before Mitsubishi announced it’s closing, Bloomington was showing negative growth.  Now 1,200 jobs are being […]

Proof: Pantagraph Corrupt

By:  Diane Benjamin Steve Vogel doesn’t think he needs to disclose EVERY TIME he writes about the City of Bloomington that he is Renner’s Campaign Daddy.  His DAUGHTER ran 2 campaigns for Renner, but I’m positive he isn’t the slightest bit corrupted by his baby’s allegiances.  Just like Lisa Madigan doesn’t take any direction on […]

Hales: Bid golf, not Coliseum

By:  Diane Benjamin News flash:  Bloomington City Manager David Hales will put the sale of 3 golf courses out to bid if the budget task force recommends selling them.  He will seek “proposals from golf management companies with an established track record of success”. Meanwhile, 2 guys with a track record of failure are renegotiating […]

Making their own Rules

By:  Diane Benjamin Tonight the Bloomington City Council is asked to vote on changes to the Public Comment policy.  Mayor AttackMyOpposition will demand the right to declare a speaker out-of-order, thus terminating their time, if he deems them threatening or disorderly.  This is the same Mayor who wrote this on my site: NO! Diane! It […]

Isn’t Communism Great!

By:  Diane Benjamin First the good news:  Pantagraph writer Steve Vogel has temporarily learned that telling elected officials to ignore citizens (check your email instead)  speaking during Public Comment was foolish.  He also learned that using 50+ people to describe how many attended Alderman Lower’s Town Hall was deceptive on the bird-cage liners part, so […]

Well, Well, Well

By:  Diane Benjamin Remember yesterday’s story about Renner’s Budget Task Force?  https://blnnews.com/2015/07/08/bloomington-your-budget-task-force/ It turns out TWO (2) members don’t live in Bloomington! Deanna Frautschi lives at 2802 Hendrix Dr Bloomington IL.  The address is Bloomington, but it isn’t inside the City limits! This is the map of Ward 2:  http://www.cityblm.org/modules/showdocument.aspx?documentid=88  Look at the bottom right side […]

Millennials and Amenities

By:  Diane Benjamin I keep hearing, especially from Bloomington’s mayor and an alderman, that we need amenities in order to get millennials to stay here or move here. Articles on-line talk about what millennials want in BIG cities.  They want apartments with fitness centers, pools, and Wi-Fi.  They want health food, resale shops, nice restaurants/bars, and public […]

Bloomington: Your Budget Task Force

By:  Diane Benjamin City Manager David Hales isn’t capable of producing a balanced budget.  (Maybe he needs more than $200,000+ a year) The Council that you elected isn’t allowed to produce a balanced budget. Instead, Mayor Transparency hand-picked people he wanted to write a balanced budget:   http://www.cityblm.org/index.aspx?page=607  Position Name Term Exp    Member – Alderman Sage, David 9/30/2015 […]

Vogel’s covers for Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin Little Stevie is upset that he was FORCED to disclose his family connections with Bloomington’s mayor.  He NEVER would have informed readers on his own if I hadn’t called him out! Hey Steve – If you fail to disclose every time you write about the City of Bloomington that your DAUGHTER was Renner’s […]

Will Lisa Madigan do her job?

By:  Diane Benjamin Lisa Madigan started a Public Access office so citizens and the press can hold their government accountable.  Just like Not In Our Town doesn’t hold signers of their pledge accountable, virtually nothing happens when a complaint is filed with her office.  Our local State’s Attorney could prosecute cases filed against the City, but […]

The BIG dogs bite Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin Most of you probably didn’t see the bird-cage liner story on Monday’s Council meeting.  That means you don’t know what they left out – the Edgar County Watchdogs!  A few comments from citizens were included, but nothing from the guys who drove 2 hours to defend the rights of citizens to speak.  Nice […]

Video of Bloomington’s future

By:  Diane Benjamin A reader found this video on-line.  Thanks Mike. Tari wants the ability to terminate comments from citizens if he doesn’t approve.  Watch the video – this is Bloomington’s future. A lady on the Council leaves the chamber and asks citizens to join her outside so they can petition their government for a redress of […]

Who’s on First?

By:  Diane Benjamin At the Bloomington City Council meeting last night around 50 minutes was spent discussing the best way to take away your right to speak.  I have no idea what they actually voted on, it sounded to me like the changes to the ordinance were tabled until July.  But that wasn’t the motion […]

Tari Tales

By:  Diane Benjamin I wonder if Renner is going to make it back from San Francisco in time for tonight’s meeting.  Maybe he will pass out souvenirs since taxpayers paid for the trip. By changing the public comment rules tonight, Tari thinks he can limited public complaints.  Most of the speakers chastise the Council for their […]

Tari declares his Supremacy over YOU

By:  Diane Benjamin If the potted plants agree citizens should have no voice in their government – it will happen Monday. Tari attempted to shut down Judy Stearns while she was on the Council. Tari attempted to shut me down with his vile comments on my site.  I made a big mistake by not pressing charges against him […]

Hillary and Bloomington

By:  Diane Benjamin Hillary Clinton and the City of Bloomington have a lot in common! Both think they are entitled to decide who is press and who isn’t. The UK’s Daily Mail frequently reports on things the American Press refuses to.  One of their reporters was banned from covering Hillary events.  The American press is in […]

It’s simple Econ Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin Tari:  Congratulate your Economic Development people for bring Hy-Vee to town.  It just cost you a Cub Foods.  I wonder who Green Top Grocery will put out of business? How many hotels were put out of business when Normal decided they needed a Marriott?  What will happen when Normal’s second hotel opens?  Still want a hotel in downtown […]

What are they hiding?

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve heard for years that Executive Sessions are secret.  Council members have been threatened with censure if they talk about anything said behind closed doors. The threats are illegal! Local government has used threats because either they don’t know the law or they want to keep information from the public. Read what the […]

Underground downtown

By:  Diane Benjamin I get a lot of tips from readers, this is one of them. Decades ago downtown Bloomington was heated by steam.  Below the old existing buildings are pipes, and no surprise – they are wrapped in asbestos. Didn’t you find it strange that the Giebelhausen “shovel ready” project won’t be shovel ready?  […]

Feeding themselves

By:  Diane Benjamin A reader filed a Freedom of Information Request for food receipts where charges were listed without explanation.  He filed for what showed on the statement approved for payment at the April 27th Council meeting.  Keep in mind, all the PCard charges used to reflect dates and who the meal was with.  Changing how the […]

Confused? So are they!

By:  Diane Benjamin Mayor Tari wants the Front and Center building torn down so he can get a downtown hotel. Other City departments want the windows and roof fixed. Um.   Haven’t citizens been told over and over and over the City can’t force Huffs to fix the building?  It would take too much time and […]

WGLT, WJBC – anybody listening? Update

The WJBC Renner interview is now posted:  http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/wjbc/media/mp3/Tari_Renner__Bloomington_mayor__6_10_15-1433957937.mp3 The exact words Tari used to describe IPI were: they have an ideological agenda.  He switched the conversation to tax rates when he learned he was wrong.  He claimed Illinois has comparable taxes to surrounding states.  Why is everybody leaving Illinois? Other items of note: Tari has massive interest from […]

The Tari scam to silence citizens

By:  Diane Benjamin At Monday’s Council meeting Tari shut off public comment.  Unless the rest of the Council refuses to tolerate it, citizens have a much smaller voice at City Hall now under Tari. The rules say 15 minutes is allotted.   3 minutes for 5 speakers weren’t a problem before Tari’s agenda was revealed because 5 people […]

Bloomington: Your Mayor

By:  Diane Benjamin The citizens of Bloomington were “Community Organized”. Check Renner’s campaign Facebook page. Did you fall for his false promises? While running for office:   Now we know what consensus is: Shut down discussion and anyone who disagrees.

Raising taxes – On The Way!

By:  Diane Benjamin The work session last night before the Council meeting was more interesting than the Council meeting.  Alderman Sage had questions for the Council about the direction his budget work group should be taking.  Code:  They want tax increases, but didn’t want to look stupid bringing them back to the Council without permission.  Since […]

Tari is a tiny little man

By:  Diane Benjamin Each speaker at public comment is given three minutes. Time allotted is a total of 15 minutes. Previously if more than five citizens signed to speak the rules were suspended. Not tonight! Karen Schmidt has always supported suspending the rules.  Crickets from her tonight as Renner skipped asking for a motion.  Kevin […]

The Fox is raiding the hen house

By:  Diane Benjamin A vote on the Giebelhausen downtown redevelopment deal could be as early as June 18th.  Renner’s folly for a downtown hotel makes this project dangerous for the future of Bloomington.  Citizens said no public money, so Tari is borrowing it instead.  Does anybody trust their government?  Citizens said NO Coliseum, they did it anyway.  […]

Hauman’s Vision and more

  By:  Diane Benjamin On Monday night the City of Bloomington will hold another Council meeting.  Lots of you have commented on this site about the Dukowitz-Renner-Hauman attempt to silence the Press.  I STRONGLY encourage you to speak at Public Comment.  Too often the Council sees the same people at every meeting.  The Council can ignore your […]

Council complicit in Renner lies

By:  Diane Benjamin Facts: The Normal police did NOT arrest Fistbump for knocking on Nora Dukowitz’s door. Dukowitz dropped civil action against Fistbump the day before it went to court. Tari proclaimed in open session that Fistbump was being investigated for a felony:  Start watching at 5:30.  https://youtu.be/PzTrILJQlLY Diana Hauman believed a person representing Cities 92.9 is not fit […]

Realizing there is NO CASE . . .

  By:  Diane Benjamin . . Nora filed for a dismissal in her case against Fistbump. Maybe she feared being laughed out of court!  She should have known that before she filed! Tari:  You went after Judy Stearns and lost! Remember the long standing ovation she received? Tari:  You went after me and got a censure […]

Dukowitz-Fistbump THIS Thursday

By:  Diane Benjamin Law and Justice Center  (I may have altered the calendar slightly)   The courtrooms don’t hold a lot of people, arrive early if you want to support Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Speech. Maybe Tari will show up and say again how knocking on a door is felony stalking. This is […]