Ideas for Bloomington roads!

FullSizeRenderIf this idea doesn’t work, at least the City could keep the drains clean?  Not enough employees?  Fire the Communication Director that doesn’t communicate and hire more Public Works!  These pics are very close to downtown:photo 2

photo 1


3 thoughts on “Ideas for Bloomington roads!

  1. A good job for the City Council or the Beautification Committee, too. When I see this in my neighborhood, I clean the mess so the streets don’t have standing water. The warns about this because the debris flows into the sewer system which eventually drains into the creeks and lakes. How about selling “Bring it on Bloomington” tea to pay for the quality of life projects.


  2. I love it. This is a great idea, flowers for pot holes. I guess my only question is should I plant annuals or perrinals. All suggestions welcome. Thank you.


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