WGLT, WJBC – anybody listening? Update

The WJBC Renner interview is now posted:  http://cdn.stationcaster.com/stations/wjbc/media/mp3/Tari_Renner__Bloomington_mayor__6_10_15-1433957937.mp3

The exact words Tari used to describe IPI were: they have an ideological agenda.  He switched the conversation to tax rates when he learned he was wrong.  He claimed Illinois has comparable taxes to surrounding states.  Why is everybody leaving Illinois?

Other items of note:

Tari has massive interest from developers

Old Historical apartments are in high demand

Marriott in Normal has occupancy in the upper 80%’s.  He thinks a downtown hotel will create it’s own market.


By:  Diane Benjamin

This morning Tari was on WJBC.  I only caught part of the conversation, when the podcast is posted I will listen to the rest.

He was asked about the Illinois Policy Institute numbers showing Bloomington losing population.  Renner jumped at complimenting IPI for the award the City received then he attacked them for distributing conservative propaganda.  At least it was something like that, when I get his exact words I will fix it.

Renner claimed he looked at the US Census Bureau number six months ago and they showed Bloomington increasing by 1000 people.  When the hosts informed him that IPI is using US Census Bureau data, he immediately went off on totally different topics.

Moral of the story:  Tari can’t handle the truth!

Renner also spoke to WGLT.  They posted 2 clips under 10 seconds each:  http://wglt.org/wireready/news/2015/06/09516_front_ctr_apts_web_145957.shtml

It sounds like he doesn’t have the votes for the Giebelhausen proposal.  Evidently, at least some aldermen want the Front and Center building saved.  He claims there is a waiting list for luxury downtown apartments and it could be converted to those.

Maybe the Huff’s should start renting their condos since nobody is buying.

Jeff Giebelhausen was also on WGLT May 29th:  http://wglt.org/wireready/news/2015/05/09097_05-28giebelhausenqa_041334.shtml

During his interview, clips from Tari were played.  Tari claims to be a  “numbers guy” and the numbers show increased revenue will more than cover the cost.  Teaching political science makes him a numbers guy?

19 minutes into the interview, Giebelhausen says why he wants this project.  Because this is a public-private partnership, his level of risk is acceptable.  He didn’t say his level of risk is zero.

Jeff thinks downtown needs a transformation.  He claims that fixing the Front and Center building would devalue other properties.  Standing empty must have no affect on the surrounding properties.  Sure.

He studied to be a City Manger and was a 2-term mayor before becoming a developer.  Take from that what you will.






7 thoughts on “WGLT, WJBC – anybody listening? Update

  1. They did fairy well, but they allow him to talk over them. He talks fast, and he’s a master at changing the subject. I just wish someone would call him out on the baloney that the Coliseum will draw people to a hotel. It won’t. They don’t book enough venues now as it is, and most folks that go to the shows/sport venues, are locals. As for conventions and association meetings, we will still be a Class C Market. The majority of companies and Associations want more than we have to offer here in the Twin Cities. Notice I didn’t say ALL, I said most companies. Small to midsize companies/ orgs. opt for cities like Peoria, Des Moines, Milwaukee, Indianapolis. Large and International companies/orgs. usually go with the major cities like Chicago, New York, LA, Las Vegas, etc. Too bad he just cant get back to the basics like fixing the roads to save us all from replacing tires and tooth fillings.

  2. Truth hurts doesnt it Tari! Betcha after the interview he really went into a rant at the person doing interview!

  3. Was the 1000 population growth a one timr census projection that was thrown off by a hiring binge of a large locally based company that has shifted strategies and will no longer be growing here in town?

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