Will Lisa Madigan do her job?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Lisa Madigan started a Public Access office so citizens and the press can hold their government accountable.  Just like Not In Our Town doesn’t hold signers of their pledge accountable, virtually nothing happens when a complaint is filed with her office.  Our local State’s Attorney could prosecute cases filed against the City, but they won’t.  Making waves isn’t on the agenda.

The complaint filed by Judy Stearns in December 2013 still hasn’t received a ruling.  Remember, she left an Executive Session (secret meeting) when Renner started illegally telling the Council he wouldn’t tolerate public dissent of David Hales.

My complaint for documents from the Coliseum is still outstanding, it was filed in January.  Your tax dollars are being drained so 2 guys can pay themselves a lot of money.  You have no idea what salaries are being paid because CIAM refuses to release the information.  You have no idea if the City is getting their share of commissions on concession sales because BMI Concessions won’t release the information.  Because DAVID HALES and the COUNCIL allow the Coliseum management to get by with it, Lisa Madigan should be telling them YOU have a right to know.  Waiting . . Waiting . . Years from now you may still be waiting.  Meanwhile, the City will renew the CIAM contract behind closed doors and you will be told your voice is a “nasty minority” without the right to know.  (See Tari’s email post from yesterday:  https://blnnews.com/2015/07/01/bloomington-your-boy-mayor-strikes-again/ )

2 more complaints have been filed against the City by 2 different citizens.  I WAS NOT involved in either case.  There are probably other cases pending, but without action it’s hard to keep track of them.

One case involves the 3 hour Secret Meeting (Executive Session) with Giebelhausen.  The other involves documents requested under the Freedom of Information Act, but not turned over.

The Public Access office has agreed to investigate both.  They would not have agreed if they thought there was no basis to the allegations.  The law says they have 60 days to rule.  In Illinois laws are meaningless.  Will Lisa Madigan get her act together?  It took her office 3 years to rule on a case filed by the Edgar County Watchdogs. http://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2015/06/ag-decides-clark-edgar-rural-water-district-violated-foia-in-2012/  That was an easy ruling, citizens are left to speculate whether politics is involved.

Bloomington and Illinois are corrupt because of the people you elect.  If you don’t vote – it’s still your fault.  Tuesday you have another chance.  Either vote for Mike Flynn, or stay home and allow another destructive career politician to get elected.  Electing one good guy is a start.

9 thoughts on “Will Lisa Madigan do her job?

  1. Will L.M. do her job? How about ANY States Attorney in the State or the U.S for that matter??? Ponder this. WHY is is that gasoline prices always spike on the holidays, and every TWO weeks here in BLN (only city in the country to do so) and ALL the stations have the SAME price? All at the SAME TIME? It’s called collusion, and we are ALL old enough to remember high school history-remember the boring Sherman ANTI-TRUST ACT that was used to break up Standard Oil? WHY don’t L.M or any S.A. prosecute the gas/oil companies? Cause THE state gets higher tax $$$! Strange bedfellows huh??


    1. I must disagree as all stations in BLN do not have the same price. They might all spike but the same price is incorrect.


    1. In Illinois deliberative documents are exempt. It would be nice to know what they are thinking while making laws, of course Walked hasn’t signed anything yet.


      1. Thank you for clearing that up. Wasn’t aware that Illinois had a law like that. Does that also cover local government?


      2. What a way to go into the 4th. News about circumventing the people in the formula of government.


  2. Will LM do her job?


    Here is a blog posted before the firewood starting paper deletes it. Tony is the reporter and stick is the blogger.

    stick – 2 hours ago
    Tony, you must work for Ameren part time as the headline and content is so far off from reality. In addition to the City and Homefield Energy deciding to increase electric aggregation program 12.5% much to the City’s benefit in the form of addition taxes and charges along comes the Ameren’s Distribution Charge increase of over 100%. Again the City of Bloomington benefits in the form increased tax revenues. I realize the Pantagraph is a lap dog for Mayor Renner and the City of Bloomington, but come on, this $2 “credit” doesn’t even cover the increase in taxes and municipal charges. My Ameren bill increased a net of 62.43%. The FERC and MISO should have the IL Attorney General in their faces. This is much more outrageous than gasoline price fixing and ethanol give away. “A bit of good news…”, who you crappin’.


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