Will they stay or will they go?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Another tip from a reader:

No, this time it’s not about State Farm leaving.  Think Mitsubishi Motors.

See this link titled:

Mitsubishi Plant Fate Could Be Decided This Year  (http://tinyurl.com/ohsn7j8)

The article contains a lot of information the local media has failed to notice.  The plant is extremely underutilized.

Either Mitsubishi will move production to another plant or bring more production here.  Either the area will get a boost or lose a lot of jobs.  Mitsubishi won’t be only place for lost jobs, support companies would go too.

Should Bloomington or Normal embark on new spending plans until they know the plants fate, especially with the State cutting money to cities?

Do Tari and Chris know but decided to keep it a secret?

Way to many secrets these days for so-called transparent government.



6 thoughts on “Will they stay or will they go?

  1. I predict they leave. Union labor for one reason. Next reason is they have to transport everything in to assemble. I suspect quite a few people are ready for retirement too.

    I want to say they used to have an IBM mainframe system there and some IT and someone told me that was moved to CA.

    Quite a change from years ago. I went past there on my way to Peoria a few weeks ago and the lots that once were full of cars are empty and grass is growing in the cracks. It looked like there was a baseball field there and that looked to be abandoned. Even mowing around the place didn’t look to be the best too.

    I know of someone who works cleaning there and they took a big hit on pay. I think the company they worked for lost the contract or it ended and they let everyone go and some other company hired some back paying way less than before.

    1. Isn’t the “Outlet Mall” out in that area too. It looks a ghost town. Maybe the local soccer club can buy the factory building for their indoor field.

      1. “Outlet Mall” that went over like a hot air balloon and didn’t last long. Yes it is somewhat close the Mitsubishi. There are some other empty buildings nearby too that were tied to Mitsubishi I believe. Maybe King Koos can find a developer to make those sites shovel ready too.

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