FAA, CIRA, and Soccer

By:  Diane Benjamin I filed a FOIA request with the FAA pertaining to the soccer fields on January 31, 2018.  I received it today by mail.  It’s not that big, no word on why it had to be mailed. So, why does soccer need to leave the airport property? See this 1994 letter written by […]

CIRA needs money too

By:  Diane Benjamin Illinois is in a death spiral and now it’s local.  Every level of government refuses to live within their means and adjust to changing conditions.  They think they can pick your pocket whenever they want. Central Illinois Regional Airport is the latest. CIRA has found a state legislator in Bellville to sponsor […]

News from CIRA’s minutes + Soccer

By:  Diane Benjamin The Central Illinois Regional Airport has their new website:  CIRA.com Meeting dates, agenda’s, minutes etc can be found under “About the Airport” and then “Airport Authority”. Since I haven’t had time to follow them lately, I clicked on the November minutes and found this under Public Comments: The address is Bloomington.  It’s […]

CIRA – still violating?

By:  Diane Benjamin The next meeting of the CIRA (Central Illinois Regional Airport) Board of Commissioners is May 10th.  Since the April meeting, Minutes for January-March have been posted on their website:  http://www.cira.com/   See the bottom of “About CIRA” If you missed previous stories, CIRA was violating the Open Meetings Act by not posting meeting […]

CIRA complies

By:  Diane Benjamin I wonder why nobody ever noticed CIRA was violating the Open Meetings Act? Illinois has a HUGE problem with too many units of government, the Central Illinois Regional Airport being just one.  Since I didn’t want to FOIA them every month for information or just be on their email list, I filed […]

Let’s see if CIRA gets it

By:  Diane Benjamin The Central Illinois Regional Airport is owned by taxpayers.  It isn’t a private company doing whatever it wants – it just acts like it. The meeting minutes aren’t posted on their website.  No agendas and no meeting dates either. That means they are violation of the Open Meetings Act! I thought CIRA […]

More CIRA stuff

By:  Diane Benjamin TAXPAYERS own the Central Illinois Regional Airport, but you know very little about the management or financial position. See the CIRA website here:  http://www.cira.com/  (Under “City Information” – Mitsubishi is still listed) It has ZERO transparency!  There are no links to financial information, agendas, minutes of meetings, or who is on the […]

CIRA: Part 1

By:  Diane Benjamin The information below was obtained through by the Freedom of Information Act.  The Central Illinois Regional Airport auditors released this information in their report for the year ended 4/30/15. Source:  BNAA – FINAL – Audit Report – 8.20.2015 The airport doesn’t rely on taxes and subsidies nearly as much as Connect Transit […]

CIRA: Explain please

By:  Diane Benjamin According to this Pantagraph article:  http://www.pantagraph.com/business/local/olson-gets-contract-extension/article_c3a51735-c4ad-5cda-853b-7704ebcffb8a.html – the Executive Director of the airport (Carl Olson) just got a 2.5% raise.  It also states he was earning $172,365 per year.  The article is a glowing endorsement of the great job he is doing.  Funny, because in January the Pantagraph also reported traffic was down […]

Fly on the Wall: CIRA

The soccer kids are getting kicked off airport land.  The airport is spending money to study what businesses would be a good fit on their land. Wasn’t the reason given for kicking the soccer kids out was that it was too dangerous?  After all, they use the facility on weekends for 12 weeks a year! […]

$43 Million proposal is finally posted

By:  Diane Benjamin The book handed out to the Councils Monday night (and me) needed some corrections.  Maybe that’s the reason for the delay in posting the information. Normal has posted links to the presentation including video of the Monday meeting:    https://www.normal.org/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=1796 The local paper today called for a binding referendum.  They called the complex […]

Sports Complex MUST be Dead on Arrival

By:  Diane Benjamin Last night I actually asked the people around me if they heard the same things I did.  It was close to the end when Evan Eleff of Sports Facilities Advisory stated the complex will never pay for itself.  I asked him about it after the meeting ended.  He told me this is Parks […]

Insider Payoffs – Chamber of Commerce

By:  Diane Benjamin The McLean County Chamber of Commerce is the poster child for insider payoffs.  They have their own Political Action Committee to aggressively get the candidates elected they want.  The candidates they want elected are the big spenders, therefore the Chamber is the ENEMY of taxpayers. The 2018 Bloomington Budget shows why they […]

Why is BN Advantage a secret group?

By:  Diane Benjamin BN Advantage was formed in 2015.  Their mission is to get all the players together for collaboration on economic development strategy. The Bloomington Council approved the formation in October 2015, see this doc:  BN Advantage  I’m sure other area governments passed the same type resolution. Temporarily forget the fact that government doesn’t […]

Tari’s stacked appointments and more

By:  Diane Benjamin At every recent Council meeting Mayor Renner has appointed people to various boards and commissions.  He is obviously transferring his agenda to every part of Bloomington and anywhere he can in the County.  How many people didn’t want to stop serving, but were forced to? Monday night Renner has two appointments and […]

Moving out?

By:  Diane Benjamin I recently had some time to read through the minutes of CIRA Board meetings and other information on their website. Discussion about extending the soccer lease took place in March:  http://cira.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/March-14-2017-minutes.pdf Normal has every intention of forcing its citizens to pay for the proposed complex: I found another item that is even […]

Airport: If we build it . . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin Add CIRA to the list of projects government created firmly believing it would create economic activity, benefit citizens, and not be a tax burden.  CIRA now joins the ranks of other local boondoggles like the Coliseum and the BPCA. If we build it, they will come. For awhile they did come.  CIRA […]

Fly on the Wall: Pantagraph says it’s YOUR fault

According to an anonymous Editorial: It’s your fault Central Illinois Regional Airport (CIRA) keeps losing airlines.  Quit driving to Springfield, Peoria, or Chicago to fly – you are hurting the local airport. Here’s the plan: 1)  You need to fly somewhere that currently isn’t a destination from Bloomington. 2)  Book a flight out of Bloomington […]

Fly on the Wall: This and that

I hear the IT guys at State Farm can apply for a transfer if they want out of Bloomington-Normal.  Still believe in 10 years they will be employing 15,000 people here?  Did you know the Indians are being sent back to India and will work from there instead? Maybe government funding of a bypass, Community […]

Tyranny or Vote?

Only 20% of Bloomington-Normal cares enough to vote in local elections. Local elections are far more important than national elections. Normal:  How does it feel to be buried in debt?  How far does the “If we build it they will come” theory work? CIRA is a beautiful complex, but is it now pretty worthless since […]