CIRA: Part 2

By:  Diane Benjamin

The first time I sent a FOIA request to the airport for payroll, I received Medicare Wages:

I did another request for the full salary and benefits paid to the airport manager, Carl Olson.  The original request shows Medicare Wages of  $175,710.68

I received this the second time:  (click to enlarge)


I don’t see a way to obtain Medicare Wages of $175,710.68 based on this information.  Since I refuse to play FOIA tag to get answers, that will remain a mystery.

Are you wondering about the $7,197.24 car allowance?  This is from Olson’s original contract – page 4:  Carl signed contract-1



The original contract was signed February 10, 2011.  Olson’s base salary was $160,908.55 when it was signed.

Once again the information I received by FOIA conflicts with what was reported in the Pantagraph. See this story:

They reported Olson received a 2.5% raise and a ONE year extension.  I requested the new contract and received this:

3yrLooks like another Pantagraph error!


The below is from the December 10, 2015 meeting minutes:

BoardRead the last line.  Is it calling for retroactive raises?  Hard to tell.  It does call for 2.5% raises per year regardless of dropping revenue or job performance.

This comment appears to be discussion when they came back into regular session from an Executive Session (Secret Meeting!).  It does not show a recorded vote.

Follow-up will definitely happen!

7 thoughts on “CIRA: Part 2

  1. What is this salary relative to the city and town managers!? And 20k for health insurance!? That has to be full family coverage.


      1. So the director of the airport is making close to what the manager of bloomington is making. Just shy of a quarter million in total compensation. The city of bloomington has over 530 full time employees, the airport less than 30. Most of those employees under 50k. The airport is a vastly smaller operation than the city of bloomington, yet Olson is making close to what Hales is!? This all just isn’t adding up for me…..


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