Fly on the Wall: CIRA

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I know all – I see all
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The soccer kids are getting kicked off airport land.  The airport is spending money to study what businesses would be a good fit on their land.

Wasn’t the reason given for kicking the soccer kids out was that it was too dangerous?  After all, they use the facility on weekends for 12 weeks a year!  Maybe a few more days with other teams practicing and playing there. but it’s mostly deserted.

Now CIRA wants businesses to build on their property?  That wouldn’t be dangerous at all!

I guess it’s not okay to accidentally crash a plane into a soccer field, but businesses are open season.  The Pantagraph neglected to ask that question for their story.

Maybe now we know why they want the kids to leave.






3 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: CIRA

  1. The area the soccer complex has been useing is a different area than that they are trying to develop.

    The soccer complex is located too close to the runways and ian area specified by the FAA as clear way.

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  2. More and more it is revealed that ulterior interests attempt to rule this town, this state, this country. Although these interests hate the truth, the truth will prevail. Keep up the good work BLN! And keep up the good work to the all the people who are waking up,,,keep talking to each other and do voice your concerns to your representatives. Reportedly it has been proven that even potted plants can be stimulated by music!

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