Proof: Pantagraph is FAKE NEWS

By:  Diane Benjamin Facts matter, but the Pantagraph doesn’t have them.  Today they decided to endorse Renner (no surprise) and Bob Fike for mayor.  They want Tari, Fike will be the easiest to beat.  Very predictable. Their decision was made on faulty facts however.  They even PRINTED their faulty facts.  This should PROVE why all […]

Sports Complex? Got more jokes?

By:  Diane Benjamin Anonymous Editorial writer today thinks a soccer/sports public-private partnership is worth pursuing.   That means the “private” gets to use it while the “public” gets stuck with the bills! Take a journey back in time:                           Preview I went to […]

Fly on the wall: Pantagraph

Buzzing around City Hall, I heard Tari Renner announce the Pantagraph is moving to Uptown Normal. I wonder if they will care that Tari announced the move before they did! That also means, if Renner is re-elected, plans will be announced for taxpayers to subsidize redeveloping the Pantagraph building. You are the monkey-wrench, but only […]

More on the Pantagraph video

By:  Diane Benjamin Robert Fike says some good things, but I’m not sure he is informed enough to be mayor.  He mentioned offering early retirement to highly paid people so cheaper ones could be hired.  The last time the City did that, it cost around $4 million in Sick Leave Buy Back.  Just a view […]

Mayor candidates: #FactsMatter

By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph has a video on-line of their mayoral candidate interviews.  See the video below.  Yes, as Tari likes to say FACTS do matter.  The video is less than an hour – watch it. Diane Hauman is already planning to increase fees for garbage service even though a January 17, 2017  presentation […]

Bloomington: $20 Million in cuts?

By:  Diane Benjamin Can $20 million be cut from Bloomington’s budget?  David Hales thinks disaster would strike Bloomington if the tax increases were rolled back.  (The media happily reports it!) Here’s a better question: The 2012 TOTAL budget was $165.3 million (Pre Tari) The 2013 TOTAL budget was $167 million (Pre Tari) That 2017 TOTAL […]

Pantagraph: What was your source?

Quite by chance, the Pantagraph has an anonymous editorial today concerning their version of Fake News! By:  Diane Benjamin If the Pantagraph gets their news from Tari Renner, they need a new source. See this story they did for an article on the mayoral candidates: This statement is included: #FactsMatter The amusement tax was […]

NIOT event update

By:  Diane Benjamin I doubt any attendees of the event last night will take the time to watch this video.  Actually having a discussion of facts is no longer possible.  If you read the comments made to the Pantagraph reporter, it’s clear FAKE NEWS is rampant and now encouraged by both local mayors. Where was […]

Pravdagraph writes fiction?

Note: The original version stated Doug Fansler is running for Normal Town Council, he isn’t. By: Diane Benjamin The new name for the local newspaper was coined by a resident of Normal with experience in the FAKE NEWS they report.  Since other media outlets get their news from the paper, it’s easy in Bloomington-Normal to […]

Pantagraph prints propaganda

By:  Diane Benjamin The local purveyor of government propaganda has reported VenuWorks lost $674,000 in the 7 months since they took over. The only reason this story is out now is because Tuesday night the Coliseum Executive Director will make a presentation to the Council. _______________________________________________________________________ Side note:  This is also Tuesday’s agenda: 2017 ends […]

Fly on the Wall: Pantagraph

The Pantagraph attempted actual investigative journalism by FOIAing travel expenses from numerous area governments.  Their report was difficult to read since experience making numbers understandable was obviously lacking, but at least they tried. After all their hard work and hammering of Scott Preston, they failed to take him down – just as they failed to […]

Government media isn’t going to tell you

By:  Diane Benjamin When the local media is bought and paid for with government advertising dollars, you will never hear the truth.  (Local Media Is Fake News) Did they ever tell you Connect Transit budgets a $12,000,000 loss per year so empty buses can drive all over Bloomington-Normal? I missed the bus fire at the […]

Does Media violate campaign laws?

We might find out. I filed this complaint today with the Illinois Election Commission:   Steve Sandvoss Executive Director, Illinois State Board of Elections 2329 S. MacArthur Blvd., Springfield IL, 62704 I am writing pertaining to local elections in Bloomington and Normal and the local media.  The Pantagraph is the local newspaper, WJBC is the […]

Why local media is FAKE NEWS

By:  Diane Benjamin Every major news source in Bloomington-Normal is supported by thousands of your tax dollars.  In less than two years your tax dollars went to: Pantagraph:  $338,493.91 WJBC etc:   $148,965.78 Cities 92.9 etc:  $30,474.30 City governments send regular payouts to these entities for thousands of dollars in what they call advertising.  Not limiting themselves […]

Fake news preview

By:  Diane Benjamin On January 3rd you will know why local media is the home of FAKE NEWS! Meanwhile, here’s a preview: WJBC did a year in review – listen HERE Fast forward to hear what they reported for the Coliseum at 31:00 No mention of my findings because of a lawsuit and no mention […]

Pantagraph doesn’t see FAKE NEWS

By:  Diane Benjamin Yesterday Anonymous Editorial Writer at the Pantagraph urged readers to sift out FAKE NEWS and rely on them along with other main stream sources: Trying not to laugh, I read it. Just last Saturday, the Pantagraph ran an AP story that used Media Matter for America as a source: Associated […]

Renner’s greatest hits

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve been accumulating Renner quotes for a few days because they show his character.  If his petitions looked legitimate they wouldn’t have been challenged.  They didn’t.  If Kevin appeals the Election Commission ruling to a higher court, I bet more signatures would be thrown off.  They allow looking for patterns of fraud, […]

BEC-The Saga continues

By:  Diane Benjamin Below is the video shot by John Kraft of Edgar County Watchdogs at the meeting to hear the protest to Renner’s petitions.  John kept the video running after the meeting was recessed.  At 6:48 Jason Chambers, State’s Attorney, announced he was not going to intervene because his office would be responsible for […]

Pantagraph fails at truth again

By:  Diane Benjamin The daily rag has a new story about pension spiking at the City of Bloomington.  In an effort to deflect from the City’s unethical practice of allowing employees to spike their pensions with unused sick days, they even call the practice legal. It is legal because Bloomington’s Mayor, City Manager, and Council […]

Bloomington Library FACTS

By:  Diane Benjamin Information is harder to compare now that the Hales’ City Manager Reports are history.  Instead of transparency, he posts bits and piece of data and I have to put it together.  I imagine soon the bits and pieces will disappear because tax increases are much easier when government claims they need more […]

Way too busy again

By:  Diane Benjamin I won’t have time for a while to work for free, so here’s some stories you might not have seen: 1) FBI agents say the bureau is alarmed over Director James Comey’s decision to not suggest that the Justice Department prosecute Hillary Clinton over her mishandling of classified information. According to an interview […]

Yet another rejected Letter to the Editor

By:  Diane Benjamin I thought about writing on this topic, but posted it on Facebook instead.  Sunday the Pantagraph had an Editorial:  Newspapers are proud of what they do. This was in the first paragraph: We use different vehicles, but we’re all committed to the same thing: Sharing stories and information about the people and […]

Stevie Vogel laments his income

By:  Diane Benjamin Poor Stevie doesn’t think it’s fair that some people make A LOT more money than others.  Jealous? Today his column is on income inequality in McLean County using data from what he calls a left-leaning site..  He claims the top 1%ers in McLean County earn $365,000+ per year.  Yep, that’s a lot of […]

Coliseum: Just THIS year’s costs

By: Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph has a ridiculous editorial today urging the City to spend spend spend on downtown.  They must not realize with building the Coliseum and covering the losses, rehabbing the BCPA, and with the TIF dollars from the past – Bloomington is probably close to spending $100,000,000.  Don’t forget to add the […]

Pantagraph EDITS Letter to the Editor

By:  Diane Benjamin Today the Pantagraph printed this Letter to the Editor: That isn’t the letter Erik submitted! He emailed the original to me: Diane, This is the original text of my letter: . Thank you for your article in the Sept. 1 Pantagraph about the Coliseum and it’s relationship with the former manager.  […]

Pantagraph finally reports, sort of

By:  Diane Benjamin Today the local media finally decided to report on the Coliseum: It needs a few corrections: I knew Renner was going to try to say the concession problems I’ve been writing about for YEARS only came to light under the new management of the Coliseum.  The City is investigating other issues […]

Tari’s re-election bid

By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph reported around 50 people showed up yesterday for Tari’s big announcement.  I hear 25 of them were media.  If you can read the Pantagraph on-line, the comments aren’t promising for his 2nd run: Tari claimed he stabilized Bloomington’s finances.  I thought David Hales did that in 2008 and 2009 […]

NOW: Tonight’s meeting

By:  Diane Benjamin The Pantagraph has been running this ad on Facebook: I will wait for you to stop laughing! waiting . . . waiting . . . Today an entire article is devoted to praising the City of Bloomington’s for closing last year under budget. Some things they meant to mislead you about: (tonight:  […]

UPDATE: If laws don’t matter, it’s our fault

Ben Yount finally agreed to hold an event here in September! He mentioned your emails!  Thanks. _______________________________________________________ By:  Diane Benjamin A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded,  “A republic, if you can keep it.” I was at […]

Tari seizes his throne Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin August 2nd I wrote a story about Bloomington’s Liquor Commission: Monday night Tari wants to be granted all power to enforce, permit, and control liquor in Bloomington.  From the agenda: From the packet page 238: The only “confusion regarding the authority of the local” Liquor Commission has been FOLLOWING […]

Connect Transit Theft

By:  Diane Benjamin Connect Transit issued their 12 month UN-audited financial statements at their last meeting. Celebrate now – they didn’t lose as much as they budgeted: Page 7:,%202016%20Regular%20Board%20Meeting%20Binder1.pdf They did lose more than $1 million in June bringing the year total to just short of $10 million. Has ANY local press reported on […]