More on the Pantagraph video

By:  Diane Benjamin

Robert Fike says some good things, but I’m not sure he is informed enough to be mayor.  He mentioned offering early retirement to highly paid people so cheaper ones could be hired.  The last time the City did that, it cost around $4 million in Sick Leave Buy Back.  Just a view months ago Nicole Albertson (head of HR) reported around 250 people still qualify for SLBB.  This time an additional expense for pension spiking would also be incurred, of course changing the policy could avoid that.  So far the City has been to chicken to do so.

The time has come for Tari Renner to say whether his hands shake because he is very nervous or if he has some health condition.

I first heard reports of his shaking from people present at the ballot challenges in December.  Then other people told me Renner’s hands were shaking so much he grabbed the podium during the debate at the Doubletree.

Watch the video below of his appearance before the Pantagraph Board – just hit play.  The shaking is obvious.  Voters have a right to know if health issues may impact his ability to serve as mayor.  Watch for around a minute.



  1. He’s shaking because he’s lying.


  2. That’s not nervousness….


  3. ...just sayin' says:

    I’m trained in discerning deception in body language. I’m looking at his ears, eyes, mouth,hands and of course his overall body movement . I was in attendance at the DoubleTree debate and observed him from the diagonally opposite side of the room. His hand shaking was evident even from that distance. During his “closing remarks” at the DoubleTree his voice greatly escalated both in volume and in cadence. He was also grasping the podium during the closing statement while shuffling papers (prepared notes). That exhibited behavior outside of his “normalized” speech pattern.
    I’ve also observed him during Council meetings. In my memory Mayor Renner does not exhibit that form of “leakage” while in the Council meetings. I may be wrong on that. But, in my limited observations, Mayor Renner only exhibits the leakage (shaking of hands, grasping podium, escalated voice level and cadence) during a debate scenario.
    Assuming my observations are correct, and I am not saying they are, it is my assumption that he has comfort in his “space” at the Council meetings but feels threatened and uncomfortable in the debate setting.
    It would be very interesting to observe him in front of a class room at Wesleyan.


  4. Angela Comens says:

    Retire early. Stipends.

    It’ll cause a work shortage and they’ll end up hiring back in time. The new hires will be at a cheaper payroll cost per hour but they will have no work experience. Theyll still have to pay for health insurance. Retirement for them too in addition to the buyouts. They’ll have to train the new hires which costs. But their pay dollar amount will be cheaper and healthcare no doubt. Unless they plan on hiring part time cause of healthcare costs.

    . They still have to pay pensions. Health care.

    The state has done this numerous times. We know. And u can see how those early retirements really helped the state of Illinois. It wasn’t long after they offer buyouts to those contracts and the older retired, that the state hired more. Took about 2-3 years because people bitched about poor services. They’ve played that rodeo more than once.

    Maybe renner wanted the mayor job for 2 pensions and 2 health care insurance plans. Looks like the shaking is getting worse

    Or he needed to go to the bathroom…… hehe. Couldn’t quite sit still at his throne.

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  5. It’s not unusual to watch Hales during a council meeting to squirm like a 3rd grader that can’t get the teachers attention when he’s got his hand raised showing two fingers.


  6. First I was going to ask at what zoo did that video freeze picture come from … oh never mind it’s the Bloomington mayor. I’m only calling it what it looks like now.

    I thought the city was waiting in the outcome of a court case for the city of Springfield regarding sick pay pay out on retirement or it was some court case someplace else. Has anyone heard anything more about that?


    • Since the Springfield lawsuit wasn’t filed until 2015 and the City policy for new hires was changed in 2012, the City is pretending that’s why they haven’t changed it. Besides, how many hours would the MILLIONS they have wasted on penalties pay a lawyer to fight in court? That claim was an attempt to deflect guilt.


  7. Does Renner have Parkinson’s???


  8. Did Tari “free lunch at Rosie’s” Renner just say there is no such thing as a free lunch in the first minute of this video? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


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