#ResistNormal via New York

By:  Diane Benjamin

Local protesters are claiming their protests are local.  The ORIGINAL #ResistNormal Meetup group tells a different story.

Meetup is a website anybody can use to organize groups.  This was the post that started this “local” group:

resistnormalRep. Rodney Davis is correct.  This group now has local members, but it was started from New York City.  Yes, professional protestors are organizing across the nation.  They are concentrating on House members they think are vulnerable.

This is the original link:  https://www.meetup.com/Resist-Normal/members/221183678/?gj=ej1b

The meetup group website has since changed:  https://www.meetup.com/Resist-Normal/

These are their issues:

rnThey are also organizing for the PRO-Planned Parenthood rally this Saturday.

If you agree – join them.

If you don’t please share this story!




  1. Is it just me,or has the entire country lost its mind?


  2. I noticed the Pantagraph story didn’t allow for comments about Tuesday’s “Anti-Trump/Davis” rally in downtown Normal. Doesn’t matter….I couldn’t comment because I’ve cancelled my subscription….but I thought it was interesting (and typical) they told the anti-Trump side of the story but didn’t allow pro-American dissent in their comment section.


  3. SOMEONE needs to call Orkin, as there’s seems to be a LOT coming out of the wood work these days. WHERE have ALL these people been the last EIGHT years?? On their OBAMAphones?


  4. The other day the Pravdagraph reported that the protest sponsored by Planned Parenthood and scheduled for tomorrow is supposed to generate over 1,000 protestors to downtown Bloomington. This is based, according to the Pravdagraph, on 1,200 likes on the Facebook page promoting the event. Should be interesting to see how many of the over 1,000 show up from New York.


    • The protest will provide great economic impact for downtown. Bring It on Bloomington!! When the protest is over, they can tour the Rt 66 visitors center. Eat and drink at the restaurants and bars.


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