City Code: Those “welcome” signs

By:  Diane Benjamin

By now readers know sometimes laws matter, sometimes they don’t.  It all depends on how the people who are charged with enforcing them “feel”.

signaRemember these signs popping up in yards and schools? (Do the schools still have them?)

What does the Bloomington City Code say about signs in yards?

(The website does not allow links to specific sections)

First, there is a list of exempt signs – See Chapter 3 – 8.2:

Numerous exemptions are listed, none cover this type of sign in yards.

This sections of the City code lists lots of reason the City has the right to regulate signs including protecting property values::


Many reasons are given for NOT allowing signs including being a traffic hazard if drivers try to read them.

Article 3 says permits must be purchased for signs.

permitCan we assume the people with this sign in their yard bought permits?


What City ordinance makes these signs legal?

I wonder what the City would do if signs like this started popping up:


Personally, I appreciate people putting signs in their yard stating immigration laws don’t matter.

It’s nice to know who they are.


25 thoughts on “City Code: Those “welcome” signs

  1. I’m glad they put them out too….good to know who the uninformed – or just plain wrong – neighbors are. I’m considering making my own signs saying “I support LEGAL immigrants and US law”……and of course, I’ll sell them for profit like these folks are.


  2. How about a sign that reads “A NATIVE AMERICAN lives here-GET OFF MY LAND”!!
    or even better, FIGHTING immigration since 1492? Wonder how these would fly?
    MAYBE all these do-gooders SHOULD watch some good westerns and see how anger management was handled in the OLD days, by folks like Colt, Winchester, Remington, etc.

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  3. Would they let me put up this sign:

    Immigrants who support or ignore – Honor killing, pedophilia, apostate killing, homosexual killing, atheist killing, female genital mutilation, child marriage and Jihad are:

    Not welcome in my neighborhood.

    Let me guess, I’m a racist for saying that right?


      1. Great! We two are against a horde of silly clueless (do gooders) who haven’t bothered to check out what is happening in Europe. Do we really have to get the point they are at before these people finally realized that many of these immigrants are not going to be part our country? Europe has imported these parasitic Iron Age barbarians who will only seek to destroy European culture and replace it with the insanity of Islam. To understand Islam – read the Koran and the Hadiths – complete world domination is at the core of this “religion of peace”. And if you are dumb enough to believe the religion of peace crap from them you will believe almost everything else they say. If you know a Muslim, ask them to publicly condemn child rape in Islam? See what they do? Raping a 11 year old is girl not in our town? Their Prophet Muhammad married a girl at 9 years old and consummated the marriage when she was 11. What the Prophet did is not to be questioned (you could die as a result) and the what the Prophet did serves as an example of good Islamic behavior. Still want unvetted Islamic immigrants in “Our Town”? If you do you are an idiot.


          1. It’s really simple – when they execute a woman for being raped – the radicals are the ones with the stones or swords – the moderates are watching in a crowd next to the execution. Yes they will not object to it even if they feel it is wrong to kill a woman for being raped, because they will be next if they open their mouths to question the sentence and the Islamic Law the mandated it. And people wonder why these barbarians want to kill us and destroy everything about our world? They are Iron Age minds who have been thrown in 2017. And we open our town to them? Really? Keep them over on your side of town please. I have a “no child rape” zone over here.


        1. As an Atheist for 50+ years, my problem is with the killing in the name of any religion or god. I don’t support killing anyone unless it is to defend ones own life. Too much killing and not enough caring going on in our world and religion has had and continues to have a major role in it.


  4. The signs don’t say “immigration laws don’t matter.” This is fake news. In fact, there’s NO mention of immigration, legal or otherwise, at all! And they’re not “advertising.” There’s no direction to do anything, buy anything, or support anything. You’re slipping, Diane. It’s an interesting insight into who you are and how you think that you see a sign that says “welcome” as a threat. Interesting.


    1. Lawerence, its comments like yours that bring down the quality of debate.

      Diane, you talk about NIOT being a hate group but when it comes to shutting down people like Lawerence, you weakly defend Muftee. I wonder if Muftee would have gotten the scant defense you provided, if his views were more liberal?


          1. The bible is horrifying in parts too! But the difference is Christians don’t take the horrible parts seriously anymore. Christianity was allowed to evolve. Christians don’t burn people at the stake anymore. Islam has not been allowed to evolve. Islam is essentially the same religion it was 1400 years ago. So the horrible things in Koran, the Hadiths and in the interpretations by Islamic clerics are for the most part followed to the letter in Muslim majority countries. Islam is not just another religion. It is a fundamentalist evangelistic Iron Age cult. You can call me a hater or a racist or whatever you want but this is the reality that is Islam. Why does no want to talk about the realities of Islam? They are not going away. And as we move farther into the 21st Century – the Iron Age Cult of Islam will be more and more incompatible with 21st Century secular societies. It is happening right now and it will get worse unless Islam is allowed to change. Christian without hesitation denounce the horrible acts talking about in the Old Testament. Try getting a Muslim to denounce anything in the Koran? And that is problem –


    1. Who is talking about quoting from the Bible Rob? – And like said Rob (read what I said) “The bible is horrifying in parts too! But the difference is Christians don’t take the horrible parts seriously anymore.” I have been an Atheist all my adult life – I think all religion is stupid. I have studied all the major religions – they are all fairy tales designed to explain the world in a way that an Iron and Bronze Age minds could understand. Some religions are passive and some are dangerous. When is the last time you heard of a radical Methodist blowing himself up in a crowded market? So I don’t have any fear of a immigrant from anywhere who is a Methodist. Why does that not make sense?


  5. I like your take a few up there Lawrence! What MOST people do NOT understand is that religion has done MUCH to change history! The Crusades & Spanish Inquisition are just a couple. Islam is a religion of the “faithful”. I used to work for a person who traveled VERY extensively (multiple trips) thru Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. The photos he wold have of the treatment given to people “guilty” of minor crimes was deplorable. Stoning was just one, but I NEVER could grasp the concept of self-flagellation, especially by the elderly to “cleanse” themselves of evil-now if these folks do this to THEMSELVES, what might they do IF they don’t like YOU or ME???


    1. Great. Antisemitism from “Court Jester.” You got a real nice group here, Diane. Like I said, the Bible may be the worst for crazy, violent, ridiculous statements.And again, the signs are “welcome” signs. Read. The. Words. Nothing about religion or immigration on the signs.


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