Bloomington: Bills and Payroll for Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin


Tari Renner is right – the City is paying around 750 employees!

Look through the list and note all the temporary labor purchased!  Big government will never have enough employees, meanwhile service gets worse because BIG is inefficient.

Local businesses need to ask why “Buy Local” doesn’t apply to the City.  See if purchases are made from national competitors without your ability to quote a price.  Then ask why!

From the list:

Why is your money sent to the Chamber of Commerce?



Somebody want to file a FOIA for this one?



FOIA this one too!  The website looks more like employee awards than periodicals.





To save space, this is just the TOTAL Legal Expense going to Springfield for one month:



Amelia Buragas, Austin Grammer, and David Hales are going to 1 Voice in DC to beg for money.

The cost before other expenses is only $1550 each.















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