Proof: Pantagraph is FAKE NEWS

By:  Diane Benjamin

Facts matter, but the Pantagraph doesn’t have them.  Today they decided to endorse Renner (no surprise) and Bob Fike for mayor.  They want Tari, Fike will be the easiest to beat.  Very predictable.

Their decision was made on faulty facts however.  They even PRINTED their faulty facts.  This should PROVE why all subscriptions should now be cancelled.  This election is a big deal and they just printed the biggest case of FAKE NEWS I’ve seen from them.  Usually they hide it better.

I really hate asking you to read garbage, but this is their editorial:

From the above, see if you can spot the glaring error in this paragraph:

fakeNeed to read it again?  I can wait . . . .

waiting . . . .

waiting . . . .

Figure it out yet?  Keep in mind the Pantagraph thinks you should trust them to accurately report the news AND they want you to believe they make good decisions for you.

Does the Pantagraph really not know Kevin Lower’s term for Ward 1 expires on 4/30/17 and he is not running for that seat again?  How is he going to be a continued strong voice on the Council when he won’t be on the Council?  If Kevin Lower is not elected mayor, he won’t be in office at all!

Considering the Pantagraph said “voices” on the Council, they can no longer be respected as a source for ANY real news or informed opinions.

Just like every other major media source – they destroyed themselves!

I appreciate the glaring FAKE NEWS confirmation though!

More notes:  The editorial parrots Renner’s claim that he brought HyVee to town.  The original stories say 70% of the jobs are part-time.  HyVee also polished off Cub Foods.  Low wage jobs that just replace other low wage jobs are nothing to brag about.  The rag also ignored Renner’s fleecing of citizens through multiple tax increases.  That must mean they approve.  They did mention Renner’s censure, but being a j*****s doesn’t disqualify their buddy from office.

Maybe I should print his rant again since it shows his lack of character.





9 thoughts on “Proof: Pantagraph is FAKE NEWS

  1. Why didn’t the Pantagraph wait until next Sunday to announce their endorsement? There are still 10 days of campaigning left. Doesn’t the Pantagraph recognize recurrence of the same political sound bites out of Renner’s mouth? What about the failed promises from his last campaign? Being a life long politician does not necessarily make someone the most qualified to be Mayor of Bloomington. The primary is February 28. No one is obligated to listen to the Pantagraph. Everyone should vote their own mind.

  2. Yes HyVee killed off Cub Foods. They also killed off Naturally Yours. I heard that HyVee even bought all of the inventory off Naturally Yours when they closed. That’s the bigger story here. Renner “brought” a huge chain store and killed off a locally owned small business.

    1. Pet Smart, now in the old Colonial Plaza, will be putting the locally owned pet shop that been in that plaza for decades out of business. So much for “buy local.”

      1. I agree with you to point. The Circuit City location was privately owned and sold to Pet Smart. Therefore, that was not a part of the EDC plan.

      2. Georgene, it is EDC’s plan to fill the old Colonial Plaza with new retail shops. I am aware that Circuit City property was/is a separate entity. However, Pet Smart will benefit from its location in the TIF district and will most likely drive the local shop out of business, which was my original point.

  3. What I see in the mix is a few complements to Kevin Lower (possibly editorial subliminal messaging) in that; 1) Lower cares deeply about the city and the wards. 2) he understands the fiscal complexity and play in running a city the size of Bloomington. 3) that residents will benefit from Lower’s strong voice.
    As the editors are mere employees of the msn fake media and must succumb to media endorsement of less deserving incumbents or find themselves unemployed. The endorsement of Renner in this paragraph suggests that Lower isn’t quite ready after noting his qualifications that he is indeed ready. Lol. Readers in the know can now question their own integrity in the voting booth by deciding between a scandalous tax and spend incumbent or a challenger that is scandal free and has continuously stood firm for the citizens needs of fiscal responsibility and accountability.

  4. O m g. I cancelled it years ago when u come on the scene. We checked the facts and u had it right.

    It was always called the slantagraph. But today it’s lies and propaganda. Ideology. Hell. It’s not even run by Bloomington People anymore. Decatur. Out of state. And that Lundy , who calls herself a journalist, look up her stories. Can’t get farther left than that cook but when u read that crap, people start to believe if. That’s why we have u. To keep us straight. The Truth has no agenda. Go Diane.

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  5. Usually I respect your reports Diane, but this one blatantly ignore the second part of the statement you take issue with. Namely the “in the community” part. There are other ways to lead besides holding a seat on the city council.

    And Ian Bayne is at best a hack, and he handles criticism like a third world dictator.

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