Pantagraph EDITS Letter to the Editor

By:  Diane Benjamin

Today the Pantagraph printed this Letter to the Editor:

prezThat isn’t the letter Erik submitted!

He emailed the original to me:


This is the original text of my letter:
Thank you for your article in the Sept. 1 Pantagraph about the Coliseum and it’s relationship with the former manager.  I have a couple questions.   John Butler (CIAM) says that Diane Benjamin doesn’t have the information necessary to make her conclusion.   I thought that was the reason for her lawsuit and if she doesn’t have full information, Mr. Butler should provide it.    I also find it interesting why our City Manager David Hales is not interviewed for your article.  I would assume it would be his job to enforce the CIAM contract.  The management contract ended almost six months ago and I would think a full audit would be complete by now.
Also, what is the name of the arena/ coliseum?  I thought the naming rights were not renewed by U.S. Cellular.
Erik Prenzler
As you can see it was edited quite a bit.   I emailed Mark Pickering last week after the letter did not appear.  He said it wasn’t printed due to content, but he would get back to me.  He got back and said it would be printed.  Well, the final version was certainly certainly at the Pantagraph’s discretion!  I am wondering if I should complain to Mark.

Erik Prenzler
Constitution Place, LLC


Obviously the Pantagraph can not be trusted to print the truth.

What else are they covering up? 







  1. Kinda ironic considering WHAT the Pantagraph “slogan” is!! Probably WHY they are shutting the building, WHO wants regurgitated crap! Also funny (not really) is when they print the SAME comics TWO days in a row , like they did recently.
    REALLY makes you wonder what THEY consider newsworthy?


  2. april huber says:

    see responses on post


  3. april huber says:

    Please read Facebook and Linkedin on the post. All information on how to contact there


  4. A wise old fool once said, says:

    “,,,as one messes with a bird cage liner, one is likely to encounter a mess of shit.”


  5. Country Bumpkin says:

    What? How can they change the content of a letter and publish the persons name without their permission?


  6. Outrageous covering for Hales


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