Government media isn’t going to tell you

By:  Diane Benjamin

When the local media is bought and paid for with government advertising dollars, you will never hear the truth.  (Local Media Is Fake News)

Did they ever tell you Connect Transit budgets a $12,000,000 loss per year so empty buses can drive all over Bloomington-Normal?

I missed the bus fire at the airport by minutes yesterday, but while I was there a huge bus drove up and dropped off one person.  Nobody else was on the bus and nobody else got on.  It left empty.  Of course there were no injuries in the fire – nobody but the driver was on the bus!

Did the media ever report Central Illinois Arena Management hiding concession sales for years?  Since the City didn’t care, why would the media report!  Meanwhile taxpayers were fleeced.

Here’s what else the media will never tell you:

-Government employees will vote in huge numbers to make sure they get to keep their gold-plated insurance and sick leave buy back

-Unions will vote in huge numbers to make sure government keeps subsidizing development so they have work

-Wesleyan students will vote in huge numbers because they are programmed to think they are doing their civic duty, even though most will leave town after graduation.  Tari Renner will make sure they vote for him, he will probably have some out campaigning for him too.

-Downtown supportes will vote in huge numbers to make sure your tax dollars are spent there instead of fixing sewers and streets

-Fees will be increased because the “funds” the City set up don’t balance.  It doesn’t matter that “funds” only exist to encourage increases.

Meanwhile, voting in local elections is ridiculously low.  Since citizens aren’t informed by the Fake Media, they don’t see a reason to vote.  This is why both Bloomington and Normal have left-wing Councils!

This happens on purpose!

The local media needs to be rejected.  It’s up to you to spread the word

(I believe that’s what just happened in November to the national media!)



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  1. WGLT reported the fire this morning. They said the driver was able to safely lead all passengers to safety. My first thought was that it’s easy to lead people to safety when you have more emergency exits than riders. It would be even richer if there were no passengers on the bus.

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