NIOT event update

By:  Diane Benjamin

I doubt any attendees of the event last night will take the time to watch this video.  Actually having a discussion of facts is no longer possible.  If you read the comments made to the Pantagraph reporter, it’s clear FAKE NEWS is rampant and now encouraged by both local mayors.

Where was the outrage was when Obama decided to not allow Cubans in America (January 2017) after 22 years of policy stating if they set foot on American soil in their rickety boats longing to be free – they were Americans.  New York Times story

This video is by an American citizen currently working in Iraq – one of the seven countries under the Trump TEMPORARY travel ban.  Don’t miss the end.  If truth matters, watch it.


14 thoughts on “NIOT event update

  1. I was at the NIOT rally. I do not consider myself to be “alt-right.” The mood and tone was not inclusive. The behavior exhibited by the participants was divisive and somewhat scary. Renner was pandering to the BLM, who were also in attendance, by bringing up and reciting chants of Dr Martin Luther King. I’m not sure NIOT realizes how they appear to “outsiders.”


  2. Listening to TARI talk about Mr King, etc,. on WGLT (AARGHT) was enough to make one question their citizenship in Blm/UP. He didn”t sound like a mayor at ALL, more like a Hitler “pep” talk sending the Hitler Youth to the front to be vanquished.


  3. The rally was about sending the messages that this community (don’t know about [H]ellsworth) is a welcoming community and that the U.S. Constitution should be followed. Which of those messages do you and your followers find disagreeable?


    1. The reports aren’t what actually happened. The rag didn’t report on Renner’s southern accent pretending he was MLK. They also didn’t report the rally was about Trump beating the little darling and how appalled they are.


    2. Rob,

      I’ve posted several times asking you to clarify your comments, and you have yet to respond. So I’m not holding my breath you will respond to this one either. Can you please point to the part of the constitution that says we have to allow non-citizens into the country? Now don’t read into my question thinking I support what Trump has done. I’m interested in the constitutionality of his executive order. I haven’t read up on the arguments for and against its constitutionality, so I’m hoping you can provide some perspective.


      1. No response huh? It’s been disheartening to me to see that nobody on either side has learned the biggest lesson of this election — that we have to stop name calling, start speaking respectfully, and start listening to each other.


      2. If you and others on this “news” site don’t recognize that Trump’s immigration order is a direct assault on the fundamental constitutional values of equal protection and religious freedom, then you’re cherry picking what you want to believe and applying it unfairly. This is nothing more than Muslim ban. The Trump administration all but admits it. Singling out ANY religion as favored or un-favored is anathema to American values. Swap out Muslim for the word Jew. Or Muslim for Christian. Or Muslim for another race, like Asian, for instance, and then take a long look in the mirror and tell me what you see looking a back.


      3. Nice try, but the Constitution doesn’t apply to the world. Nobody is stopping anybody from having religious freedom unless you are a Christian in a Muslim country. Obama wouldn’t allow those folks being killed to come here. Explain that one.


      4. Wow. Kind of thought you were all about the Constitution. But I get it. You’re applying it selectively. Executive orders such as this one — applied in this country — shouldn’t be in opposition to the Constitution. So far, conservative judges think it’s worth slowing down and taking a closer look. Suppose you’re all about campaign promises instead of rule of law. But whatever. Singling out people based on religion or ethnic origin seems, you know, fascist to me. Between October 1, 2011 and December 31, 2016 President Obama allowed 18,007 Syrians to enter the U.S.


      5. Religion has always been a test. It’s hard to prove persecution unless you say what religion you are! Of corse Christians under Obama weren’t welcome.

        That judge may have been appointed by bush, but patty Murray recommended him. He is also a black lives matter supporter.


  4. Rob,

    Please critically read what you write. You draw conclusions on a specious premise. You can walk lock-step with other lemmings and make up labels, but your labels are false. Just read the executive order with your own eyes, and you will see for yourself no religion or countries are named. You cannot honestly extrapolate what you are saying from the writing without falling in line with untruths.

    Now, the 7 countries affected have a strict Jewish ban. A permanent Jewish ban. Any Jew carrying a passport from Israel is permanently banned from traveling to their country. This is something true that you don’t have to make up. This doesn’t fit your narrative, so it isn’t convenient for you to stick up for any religion’s rights in the world. Only the ones you choose.

    This reminds me of the Rwandan massacre. The inbred president didn’t care, the dem party didn’t care. Democrats, media, liberal professors, young college students, are so very selective in their causes.


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