Cancel the Pantagraph yet?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Anonymous editorial writer praised NIOT today.  Hope your subscription/advertising didn’t pay for this babble.

Here’s a report from a person present last night – it tells a different story:



  1. Yes. I did cancel my Pgraph. It was after they published the front page photo of the “Women’s March” participants painting a vulgarity on protest sign…including throwing around the word “fascist” – and the comments within the article that were reported as “news/truth.”

    I hated to do it…been a subscriber since 1990. Even delivered it for a while as a kid. Less and less local coverage – and what does get published is just copied and pasted from govt press releases.


  2. Jim Dodson says:

    I canceled it also. To much money for a few pages and not near enough of the truth and local news. What they print like B says is just copied from other sources. This is not what I want in a local paper.


  3. The summary presented in this post is spot on! I was present at the rally too. I do not want to be a part of NIOT. I prefer to live by the Golden Rule.


  4. Jacqueline Galloway says:

    I cancelled my subscription some time ago. I was sickened on a weekly basis at the never ending left leaning drivel.


  5. Well, I still get it, just to make SURE I’m NOT dead, so then I can read the REAL content-the comics!! All the rest the worms get to grow tomatoes!


  6. Wow! The importance to vote later this month is so evident. Tari the tool must go!!


  7. Bloomington, please disavow NIOT. They are Group-thinkers, intellectually incestuous, dishonest and hate-labelers. Not to mention rather Hitlerian.


  8. I can’t imagine paying money for the Pantagraph – I would cancel it if they delivered for free. And this immigrant stuff is just plain stupid. President Trump is not banning Muslims, yet that is what I hear. The mainstream propaganda machine is doing well brainwashing people into believing Trump is going to carry their Muslim friends off to a Gulag. I am embarrassed by their cluelessness. Where were they when Obama was bombing and killing civilian Muslims in 7 different countries? I guess that was not a problem because sweet talking Obama was doing it? Where were the protests? Where were the meetings with politicians puffing up like bullfrogs to protect our Muslim friends?


  9. Hugh Evans says:

    Pantagraph picture showed many empty seats. I do not know the capacity of the venue, but I doubt it was packed


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