Fly on the wall: Pantagraph

I know all - I see all

I know all – I see all

Buzzing around City Hall, I heard Tari Renner announce the Pantagraph is moving to Uptown Normal.

I wonder if they will care that Tari announced the move before they did!

That also means, if Renner is re-elected, plans will be announced for taxpayers to subsidize redeveloping the Pantagraph building.

You are the monkey-wrench, but only if you vote February 28th!





  1. GREAT! Raze it AND the old Elks and we’ll have some DOWNTOWN parking!


  2. Another project by Renner’s buddy from Peoria, Mr. G? A “boutique hotel” as proposed last year? Is the Pantagraph building part of the TIF district or will there be some other form of tax incentive offered? Only time will tell. The budget is already being formulated by Renner and Hales. Beware!!


  3. Another buzz, congress is looking to defund NPR due to their wasteful spending and cutting the overall budget. ‘Bout time!


  4. I wonder where they print that newspaper at? Since only about 10 people get it anymore they may hand print it. LOL


  5. Wonder how many the panti-waste employs? Ten plus some delivery personnel?


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