State Farm is leaving downtown

By:  Diane Benjamin I’ve heard from a reliable source that State Farm is not  remodeling their downtown Bloomington building.  It will be empty in mid January. Grand Cafe is not going to re-open. Maybe you can help compile a list of businesses no longer downtown. Lancasters Chocolatier Mueller, Reece & Hinch Attorneys Who else? Anybody open  […]

More on the Welcoming Ordinance

By:  Diane Benjamin The Bloomington City Council appears to want illegal immigrants and undocumented people welcomed here.  Most weren’t fazed by Chief Heffner’s statement that passage would make it less safe for legal citizens. I’ve wondered ever since how these people are supporting themselves.  It’s illegal to hire anyone who is undocumented, the welcoming ordinance […]

Unit 5: You work for those paying the bills!

By:  Diane Benjamin The next School Board meeting is January 10th, 7:00 pm at Chiddix Junior High, 300 S Walnut St, in Normal.   Website See the Unit 5 Public Comment policy HERE Public Comment at every meeting of a Public Body is LAW.  It’s called the Open Meetings Act.  If you read Unit 5’s Public Comment policy […]

#2 More Auschwitz History

I’ve been on many trips to many different places around the world, but none can compare to what I experienced this summer at Auschwitz.  . On the hour and a half bus ride from Krakow to Auschwitz, I thought back to the good old days at Northpoint Elementary School, where I first learned about the […]

History through their eyes

I haven’t posted more Auschwitz stories lately, so with news being slow, today is a great day to print more.  These young scholars experienced what most of us never will.  History through their eyes is worth hearing.  I hope you read and share their stories. Find out more about the McLean County Diversity Project here: […]

Facade Grants to WHO?

By:  Diane Benjamin Continuation of: I don’t know why Fuller Facade Grants are included on the TIF report.  Usually they are on Bills and Payroll.  The grants are named after Harriett Fuller, but paid for in the budget.  See more information about these grants here: These grants are just another way to funnel […]