Democrat In-Fighting!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Paul Segobiano has a Democrat opponent!

Shayna Watchinski is the pink haired far left Tari Renner supporter and the force behind attacks on Kevin Lower and Kathy Michael.  Suddenly the “ReSisterhood” Facebook page is missing!  That was her too.

The debates should prove interesting!

Left vrs FAR left!






  1. I hope the incombant has a clean social media presence. Pinky plays dirty. Pinky’s pal is running for County Clerk.


  2. Abe Lincoln’s Cryin His Eyes Out says:

    Pinky’s attacks on Lower and Bayne will most certainly make the rounds to discredit this dirtbag.


  3. Yeah. Because Bayne never attacked anyone. LOL. Seriously, actually, LOLing.


  4. HOW could ANY sane person vote to put a person in a public office that has PINK hair??


  5. No. No. No. If she gets elected we, as a community, have fallen to an all new low. Which I didn’t think was possible.


  6. old stanky says:

    Ahhhh, will the union vote be stronger than the IWU faithful? Lol the union boys aren’t gonna like this one. Let the local dems eat their own.


  7. Curious. If there’s a Republican primary, will that also be characterized as “in-fighting?”


  8. So typical of today’s Democratic Party. Paul Segobiano is relatively moderate and a pretty decent guy. He has NO HOME in a Party now dominated by hard core Marxists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter criminals, anti Christian zealots, sexual deviants, illegal aliens, and ex felons—the Renner crowd. But Miss “Pink Hair” fits right in!


  9. Angie Scott says:

    Shayna is Mike Matejka’s new cult worshipper.


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