Republican In-fighting

By:  Diane Benjamin

The Republicans have joined the Democrats:

I have no information on J Snyder.

Note:  Many races have a Libertarian running.  They are finally on official party in McLean County.


3 thoughts on “Republican In-fighting

  1. The McLean County Republican party is a joke. It’s been taken over by Democrats in disguise and/or big government RINOs. The Libertarian Party has the right ideology. Small government. Stop the crony capitalism!


  2. The Libertarians do have the right ideology. At least they are not preoccupied with gay marriage or restricting immigration. I voted for a Libertarian over Rauner and will be voting for one again. I don’t want any part of the GOP’s special interest money train or the death of compassionate conservatism. The people that made the GOP respectable have given way to charlatans like Trump. The GOP leadership just enables it to pass half-baked legislation the benefits the donor class and not Joe Sixpack.


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