Party On!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Toward the end of last night’s City Council meeting David Sage again discussed getting aldermen on board before something is brought to the Council.  He claims it is to save staff time when in reality it is to keep Renner from putting silly things on the agenda.

David Sage:

Here’s how staff time can be better used.  City employees have what they call EAC  – Employee Activities Committee.  This groups throws parties for themselves and calls it Community Relations!  The “community” isn’t invited.  These are the same employees with lavish benefits and pensions they are allowed to spike.

The latest party was a chili cook-off, an annual event.  It’s not all bad because they did raise money from $5 tickets for employees and a 50-50 raffle.  It’s impossible to tell if those two cover the costs – it definitely doesn’t cover the costs staff used to plan the party when they should have been working!  Part of the proceeds were given to Home Sweet Home Mission.

This year they also had a “Winter” event in January and another one in April.  Bills and Payroll, especially PCard statments, show EAC events.  The April event included a check to VenuWorks labeled Community Relations for employee lunch, yes is says $4350.00:

Other events took place, including at least one bus trip and a picnic.

Below are just a few of the HUNDREDS of emails I received by FOIA just for planning the chili cook-off.  Page 22 of the PDF below has the flyer they created for employees, page 30 has a list of the people on this committee including Nikita Richards who must not like her City job since she’s running for County Clerk.  Unless you want this party attitude at the County Clerk’s office, make sure she isn’t elected.    Chili Cook-off flyer

That PDF is 68 pages long – I received TWELVE PDF files in total.  The ones below are just a SMALL sample of what I received!  But it gets worse.  They give prizes at these events!  Below is just part of the expenses and prizes:

There is one big prize I haven’t found a payment for, hopefully taxpayers didn’t buy it:

According to this  LINK the Commercial Patio Heater is $239.

Enjoy the emails.  They couldn’t decide where to the hold the event.  It took most of August to end up holding it at Public Works, the same place it’s normally held.  Note the number of employees getting these emails.  Instead of doing their jobs they were planning a party.  Keep in mind David Hales was still here, he must have approved.  Just like where you work?

I’ve still got more emails to read, but another project is calling my name.  Maybe more later.
















10 thoughts on “Party On!

  1. It’s almost like they spend money like it really doesn’t matter? Like the money they spend was not earned by someone and then handed to them? Reminds me of bunch of spoiled rich kids who spend dad’s money with reckless abandon. In a way it doesn’t matter – the party may still be going, on the deck of the Titanic but we all know that the financial situation of Normal now and in the near future means the good ship Town of Normal will soon be sinking below the waves and all their parties will soon be over.


  2. They may sink, but the public will pay for their life jackets. Government entitlement is the Swamp. Even a democrat said, ” Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” Ooops, they shot him….


  3. Morale and team building…like Bloomington couldn’t use a boatload of that. Seems like money well spent to me. Especially when you’re talking about such small amounts. The budget is what, $213 million? This is peanuts (or chili beans). Does the city need three golf courses? What about crappy FD response times? Report the NEWS!


    1. The City needs a healthy dose of reality. Anyone at City Hall addressing the massive layoffs at State Farm? Yup, didn’t think so. Business (and coverup) as usual.


      1. Thanks to the GEICO’s and such that sell their insurance online without expensive agent costs, the State Farm model is a relic. The economic cocoon that B-N has enjoyed for decades is over. Council still living in the past and has no recognition of what really is sustainable.


      2. In the city government’s world there are no massive layoffs coming… all is good… nothing to talk about… nothing to see… Move along…Can I get a second on that new bike lane? A few more years and they can put bike lanes on Veterans… because the cars will all be gone because the people are all gone because all the jobs are gone.


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