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By:  Diane Benjamin

I reported yesterday about the Comptroller’s Warehouse website.  The Bloomington information from last year is available there when the City hasn’t bothered to release it to you yet.

I found a fun page that recaps all expenditures in a succinct format that’s easy to understand.  Want to know where your money goes?  It’s there!

But you can have even more fun comparing Bloomington to other cities.  I chose Normal.

See the result HERE

Note how much of your money went to the Coliseum.  See how much was paid for debt service and employee benefits.  Don’t miss how much money went to TIF districts.

Have even more fun flipping between 2015, 2016, and 2017 – see the top of the page.

For Bloomington look at what the Election Commission cost per year.  They are duplicating services the County already does.  Travel, training, and at least some personnel wouldn’t be needed if the offices were consolidated.

For reference:

Bloomington reported a population of 78,292 and 622 full time employees.

Normal reported a population of 54,264 and 384 full time employees

Let me know what you find.  All other pages can be compared too, just start over by hitting Warehouse at the top.




One thought on “Have some fun HERE

  1. $5,381,789 for debt service…$3,333,730 in INTEREST…


    Over the next 5 years Normal will be paying $16,000,000 in interest.

    That is real money!

    Guess the town wants to export more wealth.

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