Normal’s agenda for Monday

By:  Diane Benjamin

Agenda and Bills:

If you want to know why local government isn’t run for citizens, check out where they go to learn how to do their job.

NLC is National League of Cities:

One Voice is the biggest fleece of all!  Big group goes to Washington DC to beg for money when they could have met all their representatives right here in town.  THOUSANDS wasted for a government vacation.


More training:

Have you received your Christmas Gift card yet? Didn’t think so.

Starting on page 66 – new building restrictions in Uptown.  Here’s a sample:

The Council will also talk about refinancing a $10,000,000 bond from 2008. Even though the current balance is $9,500,000, the documents say they can refinance back to $10,000,000. Are they trying to borrow another $500,000?

In 9 years they’ve only paid $500,000?  I wonder if anybody will ask how much interest has been paid in those 9 years?


6 thoughts on “Normal’s agenda for Monday

  1. I don’t see anything here that benefits regular taxpayers. It looks like it all could be cut without affecting the running of the government and the services it provides. Of course there would be many of the current hogs at the city trough, howling in pain and crying rivers of tears, if the money train suddenly stopped unloading 100’s of thousands of dollars of taxpayer money on their doorsteps. State Farm is dying and their party time is almost over. This will be the last year they will be able to squander money like bad children.


    1. Yes, Lawrence there is a lot here than can and should be cut. However, interest payments on the bonds and other debt service cannot be cut. We are stuck with that for many years to come and in addition to their crazy foolish spending, that is probably the place where their mismanagement will have the most devastating effects. As for this being their last year to squander money like bad children, don’t count on it! We’ve been told cuts are coming, but when we see crap like this it’s hard to believe. The only thing to count on from this council is a tax increase.


  2. Why Lawrence, you’re losing your touch. The $101 for “seeds of Change” will help poor folks grow their own-whatever seeds they bought, and the $500 for the NAACP will buy MORE NIOT signs for to make the Black Lives Matter folks happy-and there WILL be PEACE on earth. So simple even a mayor could love it!
    And I’m saving the $69K for dis-Connect Transit for when I’ve ran out of other funny things to say….


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