Take Alinsky and leave Tari

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday night is when the “Welcoming Ordinance will be discussed – 5:00pm at the BCPA.

Renner will claim the “moral authority” because he cares about all people, not just legal citizens.  Anybody who disagrees will at some point be called a racists, homophobic, and sexist and accused of not caring about other human beings.

Laws don’t matter.  Losing a $30,000 Federal grant doesn’t matter.  Dividing people against each other doesn’t matter.  Violating Federal law doesn’t matter.  His corrected oath of office to support the Constitution of both the United States and Illinois will also be immaterial.

The meeting will not be live streamed since it had to be moved to the BCPA to accommodate the crowd.  I’m sure some people will be Live Streaming it on Facebook.  I might tape it.

Tari is pandering to people who have no legal right to be here.  He has lost the respect of much of the rest of the City, he hopes at least illegals and those wanting anarchy will still love him.  Yes, encouraging the breaking of laws is anarchy, but Tari will attempt to bully the opposition into submission.

The rest of the Council did nothing to stop this nonsense!

Don’t forget that fact!

See the documentation for the meeting HERE

The supporters were very disruptive the last time they showed up, Tari allowed them to applaud and holler support because they are HIS people.

Nothing would be better than video of Tari telling objectors to shut up while allowing his illegal supporters free rein.

Bring it on Council!  You must want the City divided, your actions are causing it.



13 thoughts on “Take Alinsky and leave Tari

  1. I DO NOT think Tari has ANYTHING moral about his person. As for the council as a WHOLE, I give them a vote of NO CONFIDENCE!!! WHY would ANY members of ANY elected political SOCIETY choose to ignore the laws of the land that were PLAINLY written over 200 years ago. IF ANY of them can CLEARLY EXPLAIN this to me (and everyone else) I’d be MORE then happy to listen/read what THEY have to say, which is MORE then what they do to us!!! I SURE hope that JOHNEE reads this.


  2. I noticed there is no attempt to make comment time longer even though they moved the venue to accommodate more citizens. This is known as a “Dog and Pony” show for Council. The two most controversial subjects in the same night. No additional comments from the public. It really should a tar and feathering get together.


  3. The meeting and all of the paperwork, staff time and legal time costs money. It is all a waste. The State of Illinois has already passed a law— Trust Act. Because of the State action there is no need for the City to do anything because the City is bound by State law. I know—I know laws don’t matter. Normal, a even more liberal bastion, has not moved forward on this. I have heard comments from business owners that this Resolution will not be good for economic development. Those who are not in favor need to show up. Speak at the 7:00 meeting. There will be no action taken on Monday.


  4. As the city and area spiral down the economic drain… this is what we care about? Welcoming illegal aliens who are in direct violation of Federal law and protecting them from Federal authorities? Is our mayor the mayor or the leader of a rebellion against the United States government? This used to be called sedition (and still is). No matter how you soften the wording by using “Welcoming” our mayor is involved in “conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of the United States.” What more needs to said? It sounds like an impeachable offense to me?


  5. As the resident Anarch, I must respectfully protest the use of the word Anarchy as it is associated with lawlessness. Anarchy is derived from the greek word Anarkhía, which simply means ‘without king’ or ‘without rulers’. Anarchs like myself believe that society can structure itself without the formality of governmental/ruling structures.

    Using the word ‘Anarchy’ in this fashion conveys the ridiculous notion that a formal permanent governmental structure is necessary for the protection of my person or property. it is not.

    While there are Anarchs who would disagree with me, I believe that society can operate with ONE law – Harm no other; three words that even the most stupid among us can understand from the age of three.

    There is no formal definition in our lexicon of those who advocate lawlessness available, as everyone simply falls back to ‘anarchy’ as the definition of a lawless society. I have had to invent the word, which I believe is proper, that is ‘Anomo’ (using the greek ‘a’ or ‘an’, meaning ‘without’, and ‘nomos’ which is the term used for ‘law’ – ‘without law’.

    The philosophy of lawlessness (lulz) would be ‘Anomy’. Those who advocate such a philosophy (lulz again) are ‘Anomos’.

    Anomos have no place among Anarchs, as they have no respect for my person or property – the very basis of what is needed for a civilized society. Government, as it exists today, is nothing BUT an attack on my person and property, hence my eternal and undying resistance to it.

    Thank you. Peace be with you.


      1. If you are asking whether I believe society will ever become mature enough to exist without it’s pathetic dependence on government with it’s monopoly on violence and coercion, the answer is no – not in my lifetime; not in a hundred lifetimes.

        Nevertheless, my position is worth advocating if one cares about personal rights and property. Government cannot do anything about those who would violate my rights. Seeing as how government (at any place – at any point in history) has been nothing but a gushing wellspring of many of these violations, you would forgive me if I think it is something we would be better off without having.


      2. Gent gave a succinct defense of Anarchism. While I don’t follow it, it certainly made the case the Anarchy is conflated with the breakdown of civilization or societal chaos. We hear and see our governments break the law but why is it considered bad that there are people who believe in a leaderless society? It’s like thinking Atheists drink blood or are seeking to install Hell on Earth. Gent respectfully disengaged without prejudice and still you reply with a sarcastic comment. Why?


      3. …but to properly answer your question, the answer is no. I do not believe in tooth fairies.

        I will leave such beliefs to those who can delude themselves into believing that the state… the government… whatever, is anything but a criminal organization that we have submitted ourselves to.


  6. So, I gather there must be no other more important issues facing Bloomington? This is priority #1?! Let’s see how Tari and the Council react when State Farm lays off 100s, possibly 1000s of employees, in 2018. Rome is burning.


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