Koos and Fritzen: OPEN MIC!

By:  Diane Benjamin

Chris Koos had to call for a break after all the Trustee babbling, a story I am going to get to.

Fritzen and Koos forgot the mic was still open:

Listen for 30-45 seconds to around 2:24:52.  Fritzen walks behind Koos and says something about Rich Buchanan Truth or Fiction website.  Since Fritzen has been known to accuse public commentors of lying, is that what he meant?  Note:  Koos agreed with him.  Just hit play:

You deserve to know what he meant!

Buchanan, in a recent interview, claimed the worst thing to ever happen to Bloomington is the Ward system.  It’s so much easier to government when the representatives don’t represent anybody in particular.

7 thoughts on “Koos and Fritzen: OPEN MIC!

  1. Microphone was on prior to that meeting also with no camera on yet too Diane. Interesting back and forth. Think they was worried about letting everybody speak. Koos and somebody else.

    The council don’t get it. It’s not about their taxes raising too and not wanting it. Or that if they do one thing the other off balances so they have to do something

    It’s about their people losing money to live here. They can’t afford it.

    And The city people paying for the council outrageous extravagant spending on crap those same citizens don’t and can’t benefit from. It’s called mismanagement of money. Picking Winners who are their friends. Tax breaks to corporations. 150000 for a parking lots? Route 66 residence is a good one. Rivian is another. The state of Illinois gave them millions including normal. Bob is saying they’ve never produced a car. And 1,000 net jobs by 2024 was the agreement and 3 years to tool the factory? You’ve got to be kidding me. Something smells.

    +++++I have a question. Maybe u know because bob asked this.

    Do renters of rental units or apartments in normal or Bloomington pay taxes for schools for their children to attend. Bob thinks the only ones who get hit are the personal property homeowner. They will say it’s in the rent but I don’t believe that.

    And this crap of one of the council members saying our property tax money going to make the schools better here….than some of these other cheaper states that has lower property taxes saying their schools are bad. That’s another stock answer they always give. I hate to tell them. Stop looking at others and look in their own backyards. The schools need money too so they get it and keep building additions on. Tri valley is on tap for that. Again. State is not paying their share by law they are to be paying to all the schools. Never have.

    When we moved here our taxes was 4,350. This year it’s over 9100. We still pay. Now we Have no kids in school since 2006. I totally related with the man who moved here and taxes went up 30 percent in 5 years.

    And a few contractors apparently have the downs council in their pocket land grabbing building homes out the wazoo yand our council says to move forward is to build homes. One complex strop mall or some thing is planned for freedom corner but no one is saying what the stores will be.

    I see NO industry or job building opportunity’s for anyone here in this area. . And people are selling and moving out of state.

    Again. So if the apt rent dwellers ( and their are a lot of them) pay no taxes for the schools their kids attend,it would be true their children we are paying for thru property taxes , not their parents, not to mention free meals and free books too we subsidize.

    That’s not quite fair Do u know? Maybe u can shed light on this for us. Thanks for keeping the light on.


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