Normal gets Delphied again

By:  Diane Benjamin Look up the Delphi method.  It’s an established technique to make you agree with an agenda as “facts” are presented to support what the seller wants you to buy. Many people in Normal believe in the Uptown concept and now Uptown 2.  Personal property rights must be sacrificed for the greater good. […]

Bloomington: You’ve been hijacked (Part 3)

by:  Diane Benjamin If you believe government always acts in your best interests, don’t bother reading this post. There is a lot more to the presentation by the Ecology Action Center at last nights Council meeting.  The presentation starts on page 611: The oral presentation didn’t use any troubling words, but the written copy […]

Bloomington: You’ve been hijacked (Part 2)

by:  Diane Benjamin The CONTROL agenda was further displayed at last night’s City Council meeting with a presentation by the Ecology Action Center.  I have no problem with recycling and solid waste management.  Throwing usable items in a landfill is ridiculous, but the EAC went far beyond that.  Part of their funding comes from Bloomington […]

Government plans to shut you off!

by:  Diane Benjamin Corn Belt Electric sends a magazine to members of the electric cooperative every month.  The July Issue has 2 good articles about the EPA shutting down coal-fired power plants. If you weren’t paying attention, Obama promised he would do just that before he ran the first time.  Kiss cheap energy goodbye. Here’s […]

Heartland Wind Turbine update: Saving money?

by:  Diane Benjamin Original construction costs are in this post:   This post will update the information from last year.  The turbine was broke for all of October 2013 and March 2014.  It was broke for part of September and November 2013 and February 2014.  Note the higher Cost per KWH during those months.  Looking […]

Wisconsin Road Trip!

by:  Diane Benjamin If millions of people were travelling this weekend, they weren’t on Illinois roads.  We left Saturday morning for Wisconsin and returned yesterday.  Traffic was only a problem when a semi was in the left lane blocking traffic! To leave Illinois cost $1.90.  To come back to Illinois cost $1.90.  These toll booths […]

Back then we didn’t need to be “green”

From an email circulating: Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the much older woman, that she should bring her own grocery bags because plastic bags weren’t good for the environment. The woman apologized and explained, “We didn’t have this ‘green thing’ back in my earlier days.” The young clerk responded, “That’s […]

Obama: Electricity rates will necessarily skyrocket

by Diane Benjamin Remember this video? Obama is eliminating cheap energy without Cap & Trade.  While virtually every government agency is trying to raise taxes, expenses for citizens are increasing on items we must purchase.  The middle class is being squeezed by fundamental transformation. Article from Illinois Country Living magazine: What the article doesn’t […]

Guess who doubts Global Warming!

Meteorologists’ views about global warming: A survey of American Meteorological Society professional members Meteorologists and other atmospheric science experts are playing important roles in helping society respond to climate change. Members of this professional community are not unanimous in their views of climate change, and there has been tension among members of the American Meteorological […]

The Heartland Wind Turbine died

by:  Diane Benjamin Date of death:  September 18, 2013 Date it may rise from the dead:  November 11, 2013  (at least some time that week) The College (taxpayers) will not incur any costs to fix it. This information was obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. There is a little more to this story however. […]

Declare WAR on the Wind Industry!

Wind energy is a horrendous waste of time and money.  The federal tax subsidies alone cost America (that’s you, me and future generations who bear this debt load) TWELVE BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.  That doesn’t include the cost of new high voltage transmission lines needed to deal with the big surges from fickle wind and […]

Australia Reining in Climate Schemes After Voters Reject Carbon Tax

Written by  Alex Newman!     In the wake of a crushing defeat last week for the climate alarmism-promoting Australian Labor Party, which imposed the deeply unpopular and expensive “carbon tax” credited by analysts for the conservative coalition’s victory, authorities in Australia are preparing to dismantle and consolidate the myriad global-warming schemes spawned under the […]

The Truth about Wind Farms: Parasites

The REAL news has to come from other countries since America no longer has unbiased and fair media. Source: Wind turbines need a constant supply of electricity “Parasitic Consumption”—Wind-Farms By Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser (Bio and Archives)  Thursday, August 29, 2013 In case you are afraid that “Parasitic Consumption” (PC) refers to little mites eating the wind turbines, […]

Double JEERS to the Pantagraph!

by:  Diane Benjamin First:  Have people quit writing Letters to the Editor or are you making sure opinions of citizens aren’t heard?  Does anybody actually read the propaganda published elsewhere first? Now for the jeers: In the Cheers and Jeers editorial today: Cheers: . . . to the “I will Act on climate” group that […]

Hot weather and climate change–a mountain from a molehill?

Climatism: A Mad, Mad, Mad World by Steve Goreham CHICAGO, July 3, 2013 — On Sunday, Death Valley temperatures reached 129oF, a new June record high for the United States, according to the National Weather Service. Temperatures at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas reached 117oF, tying the previous record set in 1942 and 2005. National Geographic, NBC News, and other media […]


Expert witnesses totally dismantled warmism July 22, 2013 by Marc Morano   During yesterday’s Environment and Public Works hearings, Sen. David Vitter asked a panel of experts, including experts selected by Boxer,“Can any witnesses say they agree with Obama’s statement that warming has accelerated during the past 10 years?” For several seconds, nobody said […]

More low information media: Pantagraph again

by Diane Benjamin Reporter Phyllis Coulter did a story about Geothermal energy systems paying off big for local schools.  Yes, it does pay off big.  But, then facts got in the way of her ideology – or maybe she just isn’t that smart. Quote:  “The systems don’t use fossil fuels” .  That appears to be […]

How many miles per gallon does your Prius really get?

The EPA should update the way it measures fuel efficiency, after independent tests raised questions about hybrids’ gas mileage. By The Denver Post Editorial Board Independent tests showing some hybrid vehicles get far fewer miles per gallon than advertised is a consumer issue that has significant public policy implications. We would hope the U.S. Environmental […]

Agenda 21: Restructure US government to make “huge” green changes in America, study proposes

One of the important unanswered questions, the former official said, is “who gets to decide what sustainability is? Or what its outcome means?”  One of the major impediments, the study says, is created by America’s “basic framework of government, established by law,” which is “one of separated and dispersed authority,” in which “government agencies at […]

Europe Exits Climate Money Pit, Obama Jumps In

By Ron Arnold, Washington Examiner – June 28, 2013 What does America have to show for the billions of taxpayer dollars spent to stop climate change? Is the climate better now because of 20 years of throwing money at it? The issue is the climate, not the loads of exorbitantly expensive subsidy scandals, secretive scientists and bureaucratic claptrap […]

Spoken like a true Dictator

The President launched the WAR on the MIDDLE CLASS today with a speech and this email: I told Congress in February that if they didn’t take action to fight climate change, then I would. Today, I announced a plan of action to make good on that promise. My administration is taking steps to cut carbon […]

The green fraud: Wind turbines kill birds, sicken humans, but greens don’t care

by Rich Kozlovich Posted: June 23, 2013 Jessica Marszelek, federal politics reporter for Australia’s News Limited Network, recently posted an article titled, “Australia: Wind power ‘terrorising’ rural communities.” Some 150 people turned up for a three-hour rally at Canberra’s Parliament House, she reported, to express their concern about the health effects of wind turbines. The residents […]

Fly on the Wall: Weathermen

All day yesterday the Pantagraph and WJBC predicted Armageddon type storms were going to hit us.  INSIDE events were cancelled around the twin cities for last night because of the dire predictions.  Wind we had, storms no.  Funny, the Weather Channel clearly showed the storms staying north of us.  Heard the one about the boy […]

More on the Global Warming Hoax

Is Roy Spencer the world’s most important scientist? By Norman Rogers Roy Spencer is a climate scientist at the University of Alabama Huntsville who may be the world’s most important scientist.   He has discovered scientific insights and theories that cast great doubt on global warming doctrine.  That doctrine has always been dubious and is often defended by […]

The tragedy of climatism: Heartland College

Green energy has bankrupted many European Countries – but we keep drinking the Kool-aid.  That $3.7 million grant is our tax money: From the Hearthand Community College website: IGEN Earns $3.7 Million Grant for Green Economy HCC, other Illinois community colleges and local communities to benefit from new programs The Illinois Green Economy Network […]

The tragedy of climatism: Resource misuse on a global scale

by Steve Goreham Excepts from the story linked to below: At the same time, the theory of man-made warming appears increasingly shaky. Hundreds of studies show that Earth was warmer 1,000 years ago than it is today. Water vapor, not carbon dioxide, is Earth’s dominant greenhouse gas. Arctic sea ice recently reached a 30-year low, but Antarctic Sea ice is […]

The Fracking Lies continue

by Diane Benjamin As previously reported ( ( some people will do anything, including lie, to stop the use of fossil fuels.  We are all affected because cheap energy is essential to the economy of the United States.  Double gas prices have put a lid on potential economic development when families have fewer discretionary dollars.  Cheap natural gas collected […]

Sequester, what sequester?

MILITARY SIGNS CONTRACT FOR GREEN JET FUEL THAT’S NEARLY 16 TIMES THE PRICE OF CONVENTIONAL FUEL May. 3, 2013 11:08am Liz Klimas With many claiming to feel the pangs of the sequestration, it appears a green company’s contract for a more expensive jet fuel was allowed to go through. The renewable chemical and biofuel company Gevo in its first quarter […]

Is it time to end ethanol vehicle fuel mandates?

CHICAGO, April 16, 2013—Last week, Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and other lawmakers introduced legislation in the House of Representatives calling for major changes in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The RFS is the reason why most US automobile fuel contains ten percent ethanol. The bill would eliminate the current mandate to blend 15 billion gallons of corn ethanol […]

Church of Global Warming feels the heat

By:  Rick Manning It is a bad time to be a global warming believer.   Seventeen straight years of climate stability will straighten even the most ardent true believers hockey stick. Russian scientists have even expressed concern that the globe may be facing more than 200 years of global cooling even going so far as worrying about […]

Green Energy Truths

by:  Diane Benjamin It is mostly impossible to get any truth about green energy.  There are reasons: companies making money off green technology have a financial interest in hiding truth schools have an interest in hiding the truth – grants scientists have a financial interest in hiding the truth – grants, research funds government has […]