Mollie Ward proves why Tari appointed her

By: Diane Benjamin

Alderman Mollie Ward wants the City of Bloomington to stop Climate Change! She made this statement Monday night right after Tim Gleason claimed most insurance claims with the City because of the June storm will be denied.

Mollie must have missed the Public Comments from Eastgate residents stating they have been dealing with sewage in their basements for more than 50 years. Bloomington did get a lot of rain, the results were worse because of Bloomington’s failure to invest in needed infrastructure. Tim Gleason stated the City is now playing “catch up”.

It won’t do any good to lay out facts about Global Cooling (1970’s), Global Warming(1980’s), and now Climate Change because neither of the first two covered all the bases.

Maybe Mollie wants solar panels installed that are likely made in China by Uighur slaves.

Maybe Mollie wants taxpayers to buy all electric vehicles, including police and fire vehicles, because she thinks they are sustainable. The City could get their own turbine to create electricity for them!

Just for fun I looked up stats for July 27th in an almanac. The record high was 66 years ago. The record low was 50 years ago. Climate Change before it was a thing!

Mollie Ward is part of the blame everything on climate change crowd because she is indoctrinated to believe what whatever she is told by people making money off fear mongering. She is dangerous because the real goal of Climate Change rhetoric is to make you poorer fighting a nonexistent problem. What is the perfect temperature Mollie?

Now you know why Tari Renner appointed her to replace Scott Black.


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17 thoughts on “Mollie Ward proves why Tari appointed her

  1. Of course there’s climate change, that’s undeniable. Not very long ago, relative to our earth’s age, BloNo was covered by ice nearly a mile thick. Then came global warming. What’s ludicrous is to think mankind can stop it.

    1. Yes let’s chaise our tails and try to stop the climate from changing. Unspeakable foolishness.

  2. Top Climate Scientist, Dr. Willie Soon Predicts Global Cooling for next 20-30 years

    Rumble — Alex Newman of the New American interviews Dr. Willie Soon, who says among other things that it was the sun that melted 2-miles thick of NH ice and not anything man did

    By the way – In one hour the sun sends enough energy to power the planet’s needs for one year. A whole lot of heat there!

    Our sun determines our planet’s temperature not how many solar panels, electric cars or wind mills we build.

    To Mollie- If you feel like pounding your head against a brick wall, go ahead but don’t ask me to join in and don’t ask me to pay for your idiocy.

  3. I always like to ask them “What was the reason for the extreme heat wave back in 1867?” or “What caused monster storms at sea back in the 1500’s? Writings from ship’s captains of the time speak of them” They never have a real answer they just usually proclaim with a voice of doom that they will now become far more frequent. I know they are sorely disappointed whenever their doom and gloom predictions fail to come to pass, but they just move up the timeline a little more and say that it’s their efforts that have held it back.

  4. Nefarious individuals and their cohorts have played a major part in controlling the weather for 50 years. Man made by evil people yes. Filling up our gas powered vehicles, running our air conditioners, and cow farts are miniscule compared to the actions of evil people. Mollie your thinking is a pawn of those evil people.

  5. A woman of God, biologist, scientist and political activist all rolled into one. Makes me feel small, unimportant and deficient as a human being. BN, the land of world leaders.

  6. That right there is why Dems can never solve real problems…because they can’t even identify the real causes. What “Global Warming” solution does Molly propose will help those poor Bloomington citizens of the flooding? Fixing the sewer issue is the real problem needing fixing asap!

  7. If high levels of CO2 are causing a problem, plant more trees on your land. And fix the sewers.

  8. Demonrats work for the devil and are on his/hers/its game plan. Not the same as rational human beings. That’s my opinion in a nutshell.

      1. Exactly. Anyone that says they support the principles of CRT or support the intentions of the Illinois education association, BLM, or the democrats MUST disavow the belief that our rights are given to us by God. God ranks second to government.

  9. I’m NOT EVEN going to take the time to READ all this BS, since most anyone on here is not old enough, but
    MY late FATHER used to speak of the SUMMER of 1936 that was one hell of a SOB and STILL holds a lot of the HIGH HEAT records! He used to speak of one farmer , hung a lantern on his horses at night to do field work, as that was the coolest. 1887 Was ALSO a year for the books, so don’t all you folks think that you are living in “Biblical times”
    as every SO OFTEN, the good ole “Mother Earth” gets an itchin and decides WHO/What to get rid of…
    It’s called geologic history.
    Just ask your neighborhood dinosaur about it!
    Have a good epoch!

  10. The Date Is In
    I drove from Bloomington to Sarasota and back. My real world experience shows that there were 7 fully electric cars during the trip on the Interstates. Probably all but one were within 10 miles of a major metropolitan area.

    Will the world be changed by electric vehicles or will we be mandated to change to allow electric vehicles?
    Will our local politicians force us to do things in the guise of “global warming” without a clue about what that means?

    Draw your own conclusions.

    1. If you can’t draw your own conclusions may I offer mine?

      The days of “Let’s explore America” will become –
      “Last train to Clarksville, will you meet me at the station?”

      The elites will chuckle. “Poor sops!” As they cruise down empty interstate highways in their government approved, gasser SUV’s

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