Unit 5 tomorrow – they already decided

By: Diane Benjamin

Thanks to Becky Swan for letting me know Unit 5 is holding a special meeting tomorrow. From their website, they already decided your kids need to wear masks:

If you have to wear a mask if you aren’t vaccinated to attend, think kids are going to exempt? Maybe they will discriminate against kids that aren’t vaccinated? Is the school board vaccinated? They all wear masks.

13 thoughts on “Unit 5 tomorrow – they already decided

  1. All I have to say is – more people have to wake up for REAL, it’s already pretty much out of control and STOP doing the “oh well, I guess we have to” thing. Start being CITIZENS instead of meek little subjects!
    Stop focusing on the 1%-2% (depending on age group and comorbidities) who have died and realize that you are being controlled with irrational FEAR by the MSM and the globalists, Big Pharma, and alphabet agencies they serve. Also remember that FEAR is a psychological weapon of ABUSERS Wake UP people you are being abused – get OUT of the abusive relationship and stand up to the abusers. If you have ever wondered why relatively strong looking and intelligent women can be dominated and abused by some little rat-like frail looking “man” – wonder no more because if you continue to bowing down to these control freaks you should understand full well how it happens.

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    1. I know home schooling is up all over and across all demographics. If it could get up to even 20-25% it might be enough to make an impact and at least make people start wondering why their property taxes have not had any decrease since there are fewer students. Private school enrollment is also off the charts now, EVERYWHERE. I have heard a couple people I recently met say they will have a hard time paying for it, but they will find a way. I have also heard of a few who have kids not school age yet but they are already reserving a space for 1-2 years from now. The Left actually started ruining public school decades ago in tiny increments which are now big chunks and people are FINALLY starting to notice.

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  2. What about HIPPA? If someone asks me if I am vaccinated or not, do I have to answer that? Pardon my being crass but I’d just as soon throw a few expletitives their nosey way.

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    1. No, you are not obligated to answer the question whether or not you are vaccinated. It is no one’s business but yours. Per Diane, it is illegal to ask about vaccine status, give we are entitled to our privacy under the Constitution. It is a HIPPA violation as well.

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  3. My kids are not wearing masks to school this fall (unit 5). This could be a battle. It’s unhealthy physically and socially. I personally will never wear a mask again. I just won’t go to places that insist on the silly things. Masks don’t work. We have enough data to prove that now. Only time I liked them was outside in the middle of winter.

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  4. It’s ALL about CONTROL!
    IF you THINK wearing a mask will save your life, then you are “Chicken Little” Yep, you’ll MAYBE get thru the covid crap, but you better be DAMN careful crossing the street!
    When you are BORN-the clock STARTS ticking..

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  5. Apparently nobody on the school board or in the school administration knows how to do math. Not one.
    Using CDC stats, if Every Single Student in Unit 5 got the virus regardless of masks or shots or whatever else, statistically the number of student deaths would be Less Than One. If you use McLean County stats, the number would be Zero.
    They claim they have to mandate masks for insurance reasons. Sounds to me like they need to find an insurance carrier that can do math, or one that isn’t bilking them based on virus hysteria.
    One of the speakers at the meeting was a special needs teacher who said they made an exception for his students who were in class without masks starting Last august. If an exception can be made for them, then we can do the more appropriate thing and let everyone get back to normal and make exceptions for those that might be particularly vulnerable or have other special circumstances.
    This is not about student safety or even potential liability – at best it’s about hysteria and at worst it’s about politics.


  6. It is about control and the control comes in the form of modified covid voting rules to facilitate mass mailing of ballots, ballot harvesting, etc etc.

    The fear must remain until after the next elections, otherwise democrats lose big.

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