Unit 5 Board – don’t expect them to listen

By: Diane Benjamin

Below is the video of the school board meeting that was held on 7/21/21. No surprise, the video acted up during public comment. Numerous speakers can be heard and not seen.

Start listening at 1:33:05 to the Board Chair. She feels the need to state the District’s position on Sex Ed and CRT. SB818 hasn’t been signed by the governor, but Unit 5 is already planning to implement it. She claims it will be inclusive and affirming, not a good sign since many children outgrow fads. Gender dysphoria has been shown to be “group think” since frequently friends all decide to change. Kids can decide when they are older, there is a reason they can’t vote, drive a car, or do a multitude of other things adults do. “Affirming” choices they can easily regret later have led to mutilation that damages kids for a lifetime. (delete button ready) See 60 Minutes, hardly right wing. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/60-minutes-transgender-health-care-issues-2021-05-23/

Chair Roser then went on to explain “critical thinking” will be taught in an elective high school course on multi cultural studies. She stated the district wants EQUITY for all students, note not EQUALITY.

The first parent to speak against masks starts at 1:08:30, she is a math teacher who proves no studies support the theory masks work. 2 more anti-masks parents follow her, one is a part time school nurse. She also relays information about her child who has since graduated from Unit 5 and is thankful no longer indoctrinated in left wind ideology. The fourth speaker has bad video, I can’t tell what the comment is about other than black students aren’t equal to white, E3 – whatever that means.

At 1:19:40 a gentleman talks about the tax increases Unit 5 loves to jam through and other issues. Following him is a supposed scientist who thinks kids are supper spreaders, he wants masks. 3 more anti-mask parents follow, the second to last at 1:29:10 will not allow his kids to attend Unit 5 if masks are required. The final parent demands the right to let parents make health decisions for there kids.

Amazingly the video begins working again at the conclusion of Roser comments. Science is not being used to make mask decisions, don’t expect Unit 5 to suddenly research facts themselves. The next meeting is August 11th.

Link to the video:


4 thoughts on “Unit 5 Board – don’t expect them to listen

  1. Its too bad public schools don’t concentrate on turning out students that can read, write their names, and do simple math. Instead they seem to prefer creating sexually confused social warriors…..just what our country needs more of. Thanks public education.

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    1. I am often both saddened and appalled at how little many of them actually know. I’ve seen 9-10 year olds who can barely read at a 1st grade level being passed along as well. I often wonder criteria they must use to give As to a child in 4th grade in reading who can barely read at a 1st grade level. Before anyone jumps, yes I understand dyslexia and other visual problems as well, I also understand no reading material in homes and no encouragement or interaction from adults. Their comprehension skills aren’t very sharp either. But hey they all have a laptop or a tablet!

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  2. I’m REALLY going to jump on this crap! Where to start? First off, we REALLY don’t NEED to be teaching CHILDREN sex ed at a young age.. They’re STILL watching cartoons and eating Fruit Loops, UNLESS the parents have a “unique” lifestyle, in which case THEY should talk to their OWN children and NOT make it a classroom matter!!! YES, SOME young ones get “exposed” to elements” of society that others don’t until MUCH later……
    As for masks, I don’t believe that our children are “SUPER SPREADERS” and Mr Faucci (follow the science) has stated. The CDCD nor ANYONE has ANY ideal of WHAT the heck to do, and as such we are lead by a country of lemmings-NO ONE wants to be the “TAKE CHARGE” person. IF you have a vaccine, you SHOULD NOT have to wear a mask! (Wasn’t that the carrot they put in front of ALL of us to get it??)) IF YOU feel you don’t want your child getting any “childhood crap” then , yeah, make/ let them wear a mask. but DO NOT force it upon others, as they might NOT want to wear a mask for various reasons!
    Remember Measles and Mumps? YEP had em BOTH as a Child, still here and survived! IF YOU want to be a “helicopter parent” then yeah, slap a mask on your child and send em to school, otherwise LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE!
    Pink Floyd..


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