Claim denied!

By: Diane Benjamin

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Most of the 500+ people who filed claims with Bloomington’s insurance company will be denied:

The City of Bloomington is FLUSH with cash. They have so much they are planning to make equipment purchases with cash instead of putting them on a credit card. (capital lease). Ending this practice is a GOOD thing. People who have endured severe flooding and sewage for decades should be compensated. The City failed to upgrade infrastructure because downtown was more important. Many millions of dollars have been wasted on entertainment that has failed. Now the City is providing free entertainment to get people downtown. Gee, sounds like Normal. Of course nothing is free, taxpayers get the bill.

This screen shot is from 1:39:05 of the video below. It’s a little fuzzy, the printed reports haven’t been posted yet.

The City is anticipating ending last fiscal year with an extra $27,075,500 when they only need 2 months of reserves – less than $19 million.

Don’t expect a tax refund!

Subject to change, below is where the City plans to spend money for the next 5 years. More specific information will be rolled out in August.

O’Neill isn’t a pool, it’s a water park. These two project have to happen since plans are being created that cost around $750,000 each. Council can’t toss expensive studies and plans. Both Bloomington and Normal want better libraries. Of course one GREAT library isn’t possible for both cities when citizens paying the bills are the only ones who want it.

2 thoughts on “Claim denied!

  1. I DO NOT understand the DUMB ASSED thinking in these TWO towns. NEITHER one NEEDS a library, as both IWU and ISU BOTH have one of he best in the country! ISU is a GOVERNMENT REPOSITORY and as such, has ALL the USGS professional papers AND bulletins on the shelves!! Not to mention one of the 10 largest map inventories in the US, after Library of Congress, NAtional Geographic and USGS in the east AND Denver.
    SO WHY does EITHER town NEED a library, and IF they don’t have it, they can get it copied for you..
    So, basically, what’s MORE important, OUR basements, O’Neil pool, libraries or Sewers and roads, IF you have to think about this one, you MIGHT be a DUMB ASS!!

  2. If anyone is interested in pursuing legal claims against the City of Bloomington, please give me a call or send me an email. City officials negligently ignored problems that existed for years with the sewer system and are now calling their negligence an “act of God.”

    Mahrt Law Office
    309 838 7194
    [email protected]

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