Normal’s obsession with One Normal Plaza is back

By: Diane Benjamin

Usually some business comes before a Planning Commission if they need zoning changed for a specific business. This time it is the Normal staff requesting changes to zoning at One Normal Plaza. (More proof staff runs the Town, not the Council) Please note, government plans usurp capitalism and are destined to fail because their plans use your money, not their own.

Last summer the area residents organized to oppose alcohol in One Normal Plaza for many reasons. It is a park with day care and a school. Kids have sports there on the large fields. The roads are narrow and not constructed for heavy traffic. Nearby residents are also concerned about additional traffic affecting their property values if alcohol is allowed.

If the “professional staff” really cared about One Normal Plaza, why is Nick Africano not being held responsible under the contract the Town signed with him? (see capitalism note above: government FAIL!)

Julie Hile and her “partner” Bob Broad own property in One Normal Plaza. Bob is on the Planning Commission and will recuse himself from the discussion. Julie appeared before the Planning Commission last June, the minutes fail to reflect her comments. She wants to be able to walk to an establishment in ONP and partake in “libations” with family and friends after work:


Long time readers know Julie Hile and Bob Broad are best buddies with the Town. They own Normandy Village, both have a financial interest in the area. If they want a zoning change why aren’t they petitioning the Planning Commission themselves?

The area residents have an even greater financial interest since many are seniors who need their stable property values. The Town only sent notices of this meeting to people within 400 feet, not all of the people who gathered last summer. AJ Zimmerman, failed Trustee candidate and chair of the Planning Commission, campaigned for office against the residents not wanting alcohol. He should recuse himself too.

The Planning Commission will be meeting Thursday August 5th, 5:00 pm in the Council Chambers. Those opposed to alcohol in the park need to be there if only to support those who will be speaking. If area residents don’t show up the Planning Commission will approve the Town plan and send it to the Council where the vote will be 6-1 in favor.

It’s up to you.

Just hit PLAY to hear Hile’s entire comment, she was the first person allowed to speak:

5 thoughts on “Normal’s obsession with One Normal Plaza is back

  1. Mike throws a softball question to Julie about “food innovation” and her response is a bunch of “ums” and “ahs”. She is only prepared for one innovation – alcohol being served.
    Please plan on attending the meeting along with me to show support for NO alcohol sales in the park. You better believe the Hile-Broads will have their speakers lined up to support the sale of alcohol.

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  2. Why are taxpayers paying for the Hile-Broads to rezone their property? Isn’t this normally something the property owner does at their expense?

    Me thinks there is some corruption driving this. The fact that Broad recused himself is a dead giveaway that this is being done to financially benefit him. Since they are best buds with Koos and Pam the unethical acts will continue.

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  3. And the Democrats gave Trump crap about even TALKING to PUTIN! This is ironic as getting a warm beer on the hottest day of the year!

    How about that Julie, WE NEED BEER COOLERS , and misters for the “twirler girls”
    Just like uptown needs an underpass to expedite the cattle drive to the Chicago stock yards from BCC!

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  4. It’s an accepted way all the ultra-liberals make their money. Espousing the evils of capitalism is the technique people like the Broads use to gin up the base to make sure their partners in crime get elected. After that is accomplished, people like Koos repay the favor using taxpayer money to get them what they want. The BN Elitist Clique has been using this strategy for decades to its advantage. Bob, Julie and all kids march, write books, and compile manuals on the why socialism and equity is the way to go. After the public show is over, they retire to the great room with lavish furnishings, the fireplace burning bright along with the pure-bred dogs and remind themselves how lucky they were to be the beneficiaries of Connecticut breeding that the rest of the Midwest rubes in their midst couldn’t possibly understand or appreciate. They have a right to do what they want at One Normal Plaza, because like the Massachusetts Kennedy’s, it’s just how things are. More wine? More champagne? No black waiters dressed all in white? I’m sorry, where would we?

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  5. The lead story in the Epoch Times this week is about dying Illinois. Specifically Cairo. They talk about the Chicago ball and chain we have but also about how local government has failed its people.

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