Charging Ev’s

By: Diane Benjamin

If you are a Corn Belt customer we are in the same boat: Paying more for electricity.

You will get Illinois Country Living Magazine however. One story in this month’s edition that is NOT on-line concerns charging electric vehicles. Considering electricity is more expensive for Corn Belt customers, I don’t know why anyone with Corn Belt would buy one.

The article has 3 charging levels potential buyers should understand.

You can basic charge with a 120-volt outlet. It will take a LONG time to charge.

You can get a 240-volt outlet installed in your garage and charge 3-5 times faster.

Or, you can get a DC Fast Charging system installed. This way will charge to 80% in 30 minutes. These are the ones being installed around the country.

So, your choice. Fill up with gas in 5-10 minutes or get 80% charge in 30 minutes. If 100% is suppose to take you 300 miles, you are down to 240. In high heat or extreme cold probably less.

Here’s an article that mentions Rivian you might find interesting:

8 thoughts on “Charging Ev’s

  1. City denied my sewer claim without one contact to me. I have videos of my sewer exploding.

    They had some low level insurance adjuster call.

    Bastards don’t have the guts to do it themselves

    1. Tom, your comment does not relate to this story. The insurance company denied the claim. You can appeal to them for a reassessment if you wish.

    2. I’m sorry to hear that Tom. It blows my mind. The city can build a coliseum and an O’niel swimming complex for “quality of life” purposes. But they can’t be bothered to provide basic services like sewers and roads. And worse they push off the costs of subpar services to victims like you.

  2. Corn Belt just sucks. When I lived in Bln I always wanted to secede from them to join Illinois Power (or whatever it’s called these days).

    I have since moved out of Illinois. Our local provider is a small co-op like Corn Belt. However, our power prices are 20% lower per Kwh than Corn Belt. Just one more example out of hundreds that living in a Democrat run state is bad for your monetary health.

  3. Latest news is Arizona is leading the chase for the new U.S. plant that will produce Rivian batteries. Looking at land in the Mesa area. R.J. likes the “low taxes and the fact Arizona is in a small risk area for weather.” Illinois and Normal have been put on notice so to speak.

  4. My recent 2400 mile trip on interstates tells me electric cars and trucks are very expensive golf carts that rich people buy to virtue signal. No one dares to take them very far from home so you must have one golf cart for in town and one real car for out of town.

      1. $8 Billion dollars worth of charging stations won’t make it work and the dems know it. You can’t have enough charging stations in the right places to see America by car.
        The end of gas powered over land travel ends that kind of travel except by train.
        You can fly but there aren’t enough airlines for that volume.

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