Update to: Driving Must End Story

By:  Diane Benjamin

Original story:  https://blnnews.com/2019/05/09/driving-must-end/

The McLean County Regional Planning Commission held a contest with prizes for people choosing to use some transportation method other than cars.

Keep in mind, MCRPC is funded by government.  In the real world that would disqualify people associated with where funding comes from.  The MCRPC’s job is to “plan” sustainable development.  They are the people behind “Bring It On Bloomington” that failed to get people to participate but set policy based on the opinions of the few who did.  https://blnnews.com/2014/09/19/bring-it-on-bloomington-flops/

The winners have been announced, some of them have an obvious conflict of interest.  The biggest is Michael Gorman.  He recently resigned from the MCRPC Board because he claims to be moving to Chicago. Were people who never drive a car allowed to participate?  Since Gorman was behind bike lanes, does he even own a car?

Some of the other people are employees of the government agencies – like Beth Wisman, Jason Querciagrossa, and Troy Sondgeroth.  You can probably identify more.

Below is the winner’s list announcement:

Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s Good To Go Commuter Challenge! We had 72 participants log 716 trips, prevent 0.86 tons of CO2 emissions, burn 38K calories, and save $1.1K!
And for the part you’ve all been waiting for, below are our prize winners!
These three will each have a trophy made for them to show off:
The individual with the most trips logged is Michael Gorman.
The team with the most trips logged is ISU Pedaling People.
The employer with the most trips logged is Town of Normal.
The $200 Visa gift card goes to Troy Sondgeroth.
The $50 Visa gift card for most walking trips goes to John Hendershott.
The $50 Visa gift card for most biking trips goes to Michael Brown.
The $50 Visa gift card for most transit trips goes to Jeff Holtke.
Daily Winners
Monday’s $25 Visa gift card goes to Chris Homan.
Tuesday’s $25 Visa gift card goes to Patricia Gudeman.
Wednesday’s $25 Visa gift card goes to Emily Klay.
Thursday’s $25 Visa gift card goes to Beth Whisman.
Friday’s $25 Visa gift card goes to Jenny Keigher.
Saturday’s $25 Visa gift card goes to Jennifer Williams.
Sunday’s $25 Visa gift card goes to Michael Gorman.
Mode of the Day Winners
Monday – Bike $25 Visa gift card goes to Sam Spence
Tuesday – Walk $25 Visa gift card goes to Tammy Hansen
Wednesday – Transit $25 Visa gift card goes to Devon Lovell
Thursday – Carpool $25 Visa gift card goes to Nichole Lind
Friday – Telecommute $25 Visa gift card goes to Angela Wiltshire
Saturday – Bikepool $25 Visa gift card goes to Pat Kuebrich
Sunday – Social Media $25 Visa gift card goes to Bobby Nash Castillo
The following individuals each won a $10 gift card to Green Top Grocery:
Larissa Armstrong
Patsy Mayer
The winner of a $25 gift card to Green Top Grocery is Angela Wiltshire
The following individuals each won a Bike BloNo TShirt (size large):
Tom Shadid
Jeff Holtke
Karen Furrh
Pat Kuebrich
The following individuals each won a Bike BloNo TShirt (size medium):
Jason Querciagrossa
Brendan O’Neill
Nichole Lind
Jennifer Williams
Gina Hunter
The following individuals each won a Bike BloNo TShirt (size small):
Karen Furrh
Deb Skillrud
Bobby Nash Castillo
The following individuals each won a Bike Share 309 Gift Bag:
Patsy Mayer
David Johnston
The following individuals each won a 30 Day Connect Transit Pass:
Joel Studebaker
Deb Skillrud
The following individuals each won a Connect Transit Gift Bag:
Gina Hunter
Rebecca Gossard
Jane Novacek
Kerri Calvert
John Hendershott
The following individuals each won an OSF Gift Certificate for 1 Free Cooking Class:
E Michelle Wu
Barb Cox
The winner of the Farmer’s Market Gift Bag is Heidi Krebsbach

15 thoughts on “Update to: Driving Must End Story

  1. This is a new level of stupid and worthlessness. Let’s pat ourselves on the back and give out money to our local bike Nazis for being bike Nazis?


  2. Diane – There are a few more suspicious names you should bold up.
    Michael Brown – Head of Ecology Action Center (taxpayer paid)
    Bobby Nash Castillo – Double Winner!
    Joel Studebaker – Failed Normal Council socialist candidate and guy who doesn’t pay his FAIR SHARE!!!!

    I wonder just how many of these winners are already on the government payroll?

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  3. Kind of puts a new spin on “keep it in the family” doesn’t it? Well, they do like to remain safely inside their safe spaces/bubbles without much if any intruder interference disrupting the utopia and that’s a perfect way for them to reward themselves as well. It’s sort of like a golf club tournament where only club members are allowed to enter, it doesn’t matter that none of them are all that good, the “winner” will lauded as soooo accomplished and will bask in his or her glory and proudly display their trophy.

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    1. It’s like going to the Chamber events to network with the same 50 people. I think of it like going to a family reunion to pick up chicks. Not a good idea, it doesn’t work and God help you if it does.

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  4. Wasn’t Beth Whitman once the director of the McLean County Historical Society after her talk show at
    wjbc and before she became director of the uptown museum ?
    All of are governments seem to be feeding off of each other. Even the Media feeds off of itself. No one is ever accused of misconduct.
    Conflict of interest means nothing, yet it runs rampant at all levels.
    All governments answers to our problems go unsolved. Their only solutions are more taxes.
    One cause of the American Revolt against England was unjust taxation.
    This article shows an example of “how things work”.

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  5. These were likely the only entries. The average person doesn’t know about, think about, or care about this commuter challenge event. More pointedly, the average person does not want nor thinks about giving up the convenience and liberty of owning their own car. To the average person, the commuter challenge is navigating potholes, while driving to work, then picking up the kiddos and shuttling them to-and-from extracurricular activities. Sorry, Bikey Mikey. Those with a political or ideological agenda participated in this event, hence the rollcall of winners.

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  6. One of many examples that elections have consequences. The general public has no idea how bad it really is. When Agenda 21’s have the power to appoint like-minded people to boards and committees that hire department heads, this is what you get. There are numerous climate change believers in both municipal halls and organizations that set policy for the city, town and county. I have never heard or seen any of them be able to make a decision on any matter where their liberal politics do not factor in the decision-making process. As others have noted, there is a very tight circle of influence that rules the entire area and it is not open to considering opposing views. Many of these people have sat on some board for over thirty years. When they are done with one they find another. It’s just not Democrats either. What they all have in common is a list for power, even if it’s on the local level. Their lives are defined by it. Many of their personal lives are a wreck.

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  7. Some more names you should be aware of is Jenny Keigher – Towns HR Director and Nicole Lind – Towns HR Office Associate. It makes no sense to me how Town/City/County staff can even be allowed to win. They’re already paid from tax dollars, why do they need more?

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  8. Such wonderful prizes! A Connect Transit gift bag? WTH? Or even better a $10 gift certificate at Green Top, guess you could buy a bag, THEN pay for your groceries.. A bikenogo T shirt now, that would make a great rag to wipe down your car with..


  9. Beth is known on FB as “BN Beth” and she was also on the downtown signage committee that thought it would be a great idea to pay $600,000 for the 34 signs for downtown

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  10. Add Jeff Holtke to the list of the suspicious and probably illegal winners. He is Marketing & Business Development Manager for Connect Transit!!!

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  11. These three will each have a trophy made for them to show off:
    The individual with the most trips logged is Michael Gorman.
    The team with the most trips logged is ISU Pedaling People.
    The employer with the most trips logged is Town of Normal.

    But, but,,,isn’t it the progressives that abhor achievement by individuals? Show offs? OMG! What about the rest of the snowflake participants? Did they seek their safe places since they didn’t get a trophy. Oh the humanity!

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