Kathleen Lorenz allowed to brattle about her kids, Stan couldn’t ask a question

By: Diane Benjamin

If you have been dying to hear Kathleen Lorenz talk about raising her kids, just hit play below. She droned on for 10 minutes about her fears of letting them ride bicycles all the way through her fears of letting them drive. Lorenz wanted the residents worried about their property values and increased traffic to know it would all be okay because her kids are now 25 and 27. She lives on a cul de sac where she doesn’t have to worry about speeding like the Wintergreen 2 residents will. She even mentions duplexes in Ironwood and says they aren’t a problem. Are they rented Kathleen? Think there is a difference between owning and renting property Kathleen?

To prove the hypocrisy of Kevin McCarthy (acting mayor) jump to 2:36:00. While Lorenz was allowed by McCarthy to waste lot of time talking about her kids, Stan Nord was not allowed to ask questions about speeding in front of his house and the police saying they couldn’t do anything about it. Stan appealed McCarthy’s ruling and actually won the right to ask questions after McCarthy interrupted him over and over. Harris and McCarthy were the only NO votes to allowing Stan to ask questions. The current residents will likely face the same issue when increased traffic is routed through their neighborhood.

Pam Reece said to call the non-emergency police phone number. She must have missed the part where Stan said he did call and was told the police couldn’t do anything about it.

One more not to miss moment: Go to 1:47:40. The masked Karyn Smith wants people buying homes in Normal so they aren’t damaging the climate by commuting from bedroom communities. Meanwhile the record temperature for Labor Day was set in 1913: 101 degrees. Here the high was 72. The sun obviously plays no part in temperature in Karyn’s world, only driving does.

7 thoughts on “Kathleen Lorenz allowed to brattle about her kids, Stan couldn’t ask a question

  1. GEEZ – painful to listen to Kathleen Lorenz drone on and add no value.
    I mean – Thanks for the long & drawn out lesson on how to cross the street?

    Too bad Stan is the only person and the other Council members could care less about the residents (and tax payers) of Normal.

    1. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to listen to this nonsense from Kathleen Lorenz. We’ve heard it all before about her Purdue education and her perfect children. I do want to point out, however, that both of her kids went to college outside of Illinois and it doesn’t look like they’re returning.

  2. I watched the whole thing Tuesday night. It was painful. I did learn a new word though NIMBY. I’ll be using that…because seriously, I don’t want Chicago in my back yard.

    1. None of us do. But they started arriving in the 1990’s and they’re still are. But you know those leftists, they live on a one way street..

  3. So Kathy dares to teach parents how to parent their children, from youngster through driving age. What arrogance! I double dare her to do that again to the parents of completely unruly and out of control children.
    Thank you Stan for getting Pam on record. Her recommendation is to call the police for speeding. Here’s the catch, Pam doesn’t want the police bothering with speeders. So what will they ACTUALLY do about it? When was the last time NPD was running radar on College Ave?

  4. Stan needs to file lawsuits against council,koos and city of Normal for violating his first amendment rights

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