h/t a reader, no comment from me. I want your comments

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  1. The CT buses don’t run after 9:00pm. How do these minimum wage workers get home? Walking on & crossing Veteran’s Parkway after dark? How many hours does it take to get to that job using CT? I’ll stop there.

  2. I always look at the busses when I see them running up and down our city streets – the busses are mostly empty, but on occasion there are 1 or 2 people riding on a bus that passes me.

    NOT a fan of the these giant vehicles simply putting in miles day-after-day – burning our diesel fuel, wear & tear on our busses and the wear & tear on our deteriorating streets.
    Why can’t we get something smaller to “transport” the invisible people?

    One more thought on advertising the bus fare…
    I think most all of the rides are subsidized by the tax payers.
    I don’t think any of the invisible people or real people pay for bus fare.
    I think I read somewhere that the library is paying for all bus fare during the month of September?

  3. If he was REALLY all that concerned – he would go get the people who need rides and also take them home when their shift was over or arrange for someone else to do it – I actually had a restaurant owner/manager who did just that. Dobski is shilling for them of course using the usual “the poor workers” ploy as well as the “I care about my employees as well as my business” BS, yeah, right as long as someone else is really doing all the heavy lifting and those people get their butts to work one way or another.

    1. My son worked for the Dobski’s when he got a work permit. Bob knew who he was before because we attended the same church. My son said he would regularly come to the restaurant where he worked, bitch at the manager on duty about everything, then go to the safe, get the money from the safe and leave. Never said hi, asked how anyone was doing, nothing. There are also stories about his wife that are also legend. Another example of Chicago cones to BN.

  4. It appears that us taxpayers are subsidizing SOME private employers to the tune of about $1,000,000 per month. Private business needs to pay its own way (and will of course have to raise its prices accordingly). It’s a disgrace that a small community like Blo/No runs such a massive deficit for the few rider we see on the busses. Of course, smaller/more efficient busses would help.

    1. Totally agree with the much smaller busses. I know other countries use them in smaller towns and some cities use them like in HUGE Mexico City they have the “Peseros” as they are called because it used to cost just one peso to ride, it’s 4 to 5 pesos now, they are small micro bus type things which would be plenty of seats (around 20-24 actual seats) for most of the BLo/No bus routes. But oh no, Blo/No has to look big and important.

  5. People that need subsidized rides should receive an annual or monthly card for a number of free rides on a ride service based on how many times they need to ride to and from work, doctors, grocery store. Then add say 5 more rides per month to ensure they are mobile. Must be income limits or say a medical problem that prevents driving, but still allows working. This would allow for the dismantling of Connect transit. Let the riders contact the ride service or taxi directly. For people in a wheel chair they would contact the medical transport companies that have ramps or lifts.
    Connect Transit is the biggest government boondoggle in McLean County with a ferocious apatite. Running big mostly empty buses contributes to pollution does not reduce burning of fuel. Connect transit has gasoline, diesel, propane, electric vehicles. Must stock many parts and have mechanics trained on each. No private firm of this size would have all of these alternative fuels. When Connect transit went to all big busses ridership tanked. When the smaller buses could pick up an drop off near or at the final destination ridership was on the increase. Who with mobility issues can cross streets and navigate large parking lots with a walker or cane or just difficulty walking on clear days? With inclement weather almost none of these people can navigate, snow, ice or a thunderstorm especially when returning from a shopping trip.

  6. I know someone who owns a restaurant in a suburb who picks up and drops off the employees who need a ride to and from work. She’s glad to do it. Mr. Donski should be offering this too, considering the bus doesn’t run after 9:00 and his employees need rides after 9:00.

  7. It would be interesting to see if the CT power brokers are amongst those you see in the Pantagraph and social magazines at the Dobski parties. It would be appropriate to say the Dobski family is one of the most generous in town to charitable causes. Equally, they have and had some of the most successful businesses in town: McDonalds, Little Jewels, Iron Coyote, RobDobs.

    Perhaps they could directly provide rides to their employees. Less time making connections on a poorly operated bus service (based on their mega losses and choice of fleet) might open the door for more employees.

  8. Unbelievable. If I didn’t know him, I would think he voted for Biden with his own comment about how shelves get stocked. Wth Bob? You’re already a millionaire. Can you get any more out of touch with us peasants who bought your fries and now have diabetes and hypertension to at least understand that We The People fund that empty bus driving around to get your employees so Julie can outbid the rest of us at the Republican get togethers??? You are an example of when the Left thinks we need to tax the crap out of the rich. I do not disagree with them. Why don’t you say you love work release programs too for crying out loud??

  9. Oh my…..I was going to comment about the absurdity of the ad….the humor of it…..and how ludicrous it is but I see I’m too late. Others have pointed out the hypocrisy beautifully.

  10. CT buses are about as reliable as the two cities it runs in. You cannot even rely on the special services bus as they are notoriously late just like the entire bus service. CT a long long time ago was the model of the perfect bus service, now…… it’s beyond pathetic.

  11. CT: Smaller busses, more routes that cycle faster, earlier and longer. Pay attention to the publics needs.
    Do ski: Insulting. None of his employees can afford a meal in his place and none are cared for.
    Ad: what year is it- 1963? How can anyone think this promotes anything good.

  12. Elites always want to push for stuff and look great in the community. This however is a bit much. Having a vehicle to get to work regardless of where you live is a huge financial burden with insurance costs being sky high for “certain” targeted folks or those that are not in the elite tier. This takes the cake though. Bus routes don’t run and are cumbersome too for some who work certain schedules.

    Doubt the elites in the towns or county even consider that or the price they pay to get a low paying “bus boy” job to cater to elites. The venue is too expensive and demeaning to employees clearly.

    Maybe they should bus tables instead of posting promos for Connect Transit dollars.

    Unbelievable out of touch folks we have locally. All do gooders to the public or when its convenient or helps their pals.

    So much of this goes on am afraid and taxpayers fall for it.

  13. I think it is time to downsize the buses. I have 4 buses per hour go by my home and would estimate that the average number of riders would be 2 or less. Time to get rid of the 50 foot buses and go to a smaller size.

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