I’m from the government and I’m here to help

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington Agenda for 4/12/21: http://bloomingtonil.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=1108&Inline=True

The Council will approve a gargantuan budget of $251,735,690 for the year starting May 1st. See PDF page 469. The City has been stockpiling money in funds like water and motor fuel tax. Next year is when a lot of it is getting spent. The General Fund is still projected to keep almost $25 million in reserves. That represents 22.29% of the General Fund Balance, somehow the City used to survive on around 15%.

The Consent Agenda is massive too, hopefully departments aren’t doing a year-end spending spree to justify next year’s budgets.

This item on the regular agenda epitomizes living in Illinois:

Try not to laugh! Government is going to solve the world’s problems.

This would be the same government that:

  • Built a fire station that has never been used
  • Built a water tower too short
  • Built the Coliseum against the wishes of the people
  • Failed to adequately manage the above, and then let the culprits off with misdemeanors so government wouldn’t be blamed in public
  • Can’t work together to have 1 nice library instead of one new one, and one massive remodel
  • Can’t work together to have 1 eastside fire station instead of two
  • Promoted BN Advantage and let it die (this sounds a lot like BN Advantage)

Of course this list could be MUCH longer.

Graduates go where the jobs are. Government’s job isn’t to hire them to keep them here. It is government’s job to create an environment for the private sector to flourish. People make far better decisions than government, government prevents them from doing it. Illinois is one of the poster child states for government failure to get out of the way.

The Ordinance is so vague it is only clear to those who wrote it. This statement is included: “. . . for the primary purpose of ensuring the communication, coordination and regional structure necessary to implement initiatives as well as collaborate on technology driven initiatives of mutual interest where applicable.”

Expect the bills later.

One item is on the agenda that is predicted to save money – See PDF page 481:

This machine is a Model S220 Refractory Walled Air Curtain Burner Machine.

Instead of paying to get brush hauled off, the City wants to burn it. The ice storm did cause a huge spike in cost, this must be the solution.

On the Consent Agenda is an item buying Carbon Dioxide to lower the PH of the water. Bloomington has been burning “natural” areas all over town creating carbon dioxide. This machine will create more. Plants thrive on carbon dioxide, it’s only called “carbon” when people want you to believe it’s dangerously changing the climate. Obviously it isn’t. If you want to believe people the government pays to tell you Armageddon is close, that’s your choice. Many of us know it’s a fraud. (no negative comments allowed on this one)

Censuring Jenn Carrillo should be on the agenda, but it isn’t.

4 thoughts on “I’m from the government and I’m here to help

  1. So much wasteful spending (by both Bloomington and Normal)!!

    And what about all of the ridiculous signs that were put up to identify “Downtown Bloomington” There are new signs, a marquee and some type of arch…to identify the area as “Downtown Bloomington” Seems as though there are signs on every block going both north and south, on Main St and Center St.

    There is nothing going on in “Downtown Bloomington” yet residents have to purchase all of these signs and pay for the labor to install these signs everywhere.

    My opinion is that Bloomington has higher priority issues where the money should have been spent, instead of buying a bunch of signs identifying where to find “Downtown Bloomington”

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  2. I’m sorry, but what kind of smooth brain thinks LOCAL government can fix WORLD problems? What kind of smooth brain WANTS local government to fix world problems?

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  3. On another note –
    It will be fun to watch Carrillo’s smoke filled, sour face. (if she shows up).
    She may say something along these lines –

    This bourgeoisie budget is an attack against the proletariat to maintaining their position of power and privilege.
    My mentor, Karl Marx would never vote for it and neither will I!
    We must replace equality of opportunity with equality of outcome (equity) in the true sense of the new religion, communism.

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  4. A Model S220 Refractory Walled Air Curtain Burner Machine?? This sounds like a “fancy” smoke screen! These folks NEED to get out and breath some “Country Air” and start a brush pile.. Wonder WHO picked up the “brochure” on this baby!
    How about a yacht club at Lake Bloomington or a submarine base in lake Evergreen?? That would be BETTER future “development”!!!


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