Uptown Success?

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal has an entire website for Uptown. It isn’t updated with current information.

Under shopping this is the list, I added available information. Feel free to add info if you know more.

9 thoughts on “Uptown Success?

  1. When I found out several years ago that there were many businesses in uptown that were getting free parking in the deck while I was paying $40.00 a month the mayor told us that those businesses getting free parking was because they were located in and supporting uptown. My business in up town at that time had been operating continuously for over 90 years but we did not qualify for free parking. Bottom line we were not part of the up town clique. After this past election the graft continues!

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  2. . In the campaign, Koos wanted us to believe that downtown Normal was a dump with no business activity at all prior to his transformation of it into Uptown. What’s missing from that is what this piece has pointed out, what was in business prior to Uptown. But, we have to go further. What’s not here that was here prior to Uptown and what’s come since Uptown that’s no longer here.

    Here’s my short list for the former:

    Reed’s Sporting Goods
    Stanley and Paul’s Furniture
    Washburn Flowers
    Bill’s Lock and Key
    Watkins Jewelry
    Garcia Pizza in a Pan

    Here’s my short list for the latter:

    Busy Bank
    Maryanne’s Diner

    Once you combine this with all the empty store fronts in Uptown, the logical conclusion that should be made is that government does not create business.

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      1. I forgot about the Music Shop. It like Bill’s Lock and Key chose to relocate to other parts of town. They opted out of Uptown.

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