Do you Want the United Nations running your life?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Five days a week I get a newsletter form ICMA – International City/County Management Association.  The email is links to stories, sometimes around the world, detailing actions taken in various places.

Both local City Managers attend their conferences, we never hear reports on what they learned.

This story is in today’s edition:

City Leaders

The story isn’t about what you think – providing essential services.  It is about achieving global progress for sustainable development.  The problem is their idea of “sustainable” isn’t sustainable.  The United Nationals set the goals to achieve by 2030.

Read the story here:

That story is fairly benign, what you really need to see is the 2030 goals put forth by the UN.  The UN is the same organization who puts China and Saudi Arabia on committees for human rights when their countries don’t have any.  Before reading you have to realize there is NOTHING at the UN supporting freedom, liberty, or capitalism.

See the 2030 plan here:

The Vision statement on PDF page 7 sums it up nicely:

vision stmt

Utopia created by government arrives in 10 years!

America was on the way to achieving many of the stated goals before the vitus shut us down  We were close to full employment with wages rising.  The other items will never be achieved no matter how much money government throws at the problem.  Capitalism provided a road to success, the UN would never allow such speech,

The document uses terms like “shared prosperity”.    That means you have to give up some of your prosperity so others can have more (whether they worked for it or not).

PDF page 16:  Want to know why younger people loves socialism?

young activism

See PDF page 18 for a list of their 17 goals.  The “New Agenda” is global socialism.  Your local City Managers should be banned from participating in their events.  I bet both are stashing money in ICMA retirement programs, so don’t expect that to happen.

The Title page states:


Want to know why City leaders think they are much smarter than you?  They know what’s really going on and are hiding it from you.

Socialists have been attempting to achieve their goals for decades.  Only informed citizens and voting for better representation can stop them.

4 thoughts on “Do you Want the United Nations running your life?

  1. Is it any surprise the one worlders would use a health crisis to advance political ideals? As they say, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” The UN 2030 goals as just an update from Agenda 21 which both of our mayors are involved with and actively promote. Again, if still up, readers should see the videos of Event 201 which took place in NYC in October backed in part by the Gates Foundation. Comments on the site were taken down weeks ago. The pandemic exercise that was part of the event mirrors alot to what is going on now. What was particularly alarming was the presence and involvement of an executive from NBC advising participants how and why it was important to “control the message.” Coincidence? Probably not.

  2. You ain’t lyin’. The United Nations is NOT about what they claim, they are what they wrought, constantly destroying humanity to save it.

  3. Seems all these ‘smarter than thou’ types managed to miss the basic “If it seems to good to be true…”

    Puppy dogs that don’t make messes or grow old and rainbows that never fade for everyone!

  4. Not only do I want the UN OUT of my own life, I want the United States OUT of the UN and I want to see that monstrosity to crumble into dust as if it never existed except as a cancer on the world. people have NO idea what is planned by these monsters at their little conferences and seminars and even their “parties’ they never really rest. Bilderberg, Davos, the CFA etc etc it’s diabolical really, and this caries on down even to local levels in towns and cities across the world.

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