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By:  Diane Benjamin

Jenn and buddies are using Saul Alinsky’s rules:

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jenn 111

jenn 113

From the PATH website:

jenn 112

Cash Jenn?  Why CASH?  Fiscal responsibility means assistance is paid directly to landlords etc, not to the person needing help.

If Jenn thinks forking over tax dollars to the Township is going to get CASH in peoples hands she lives in a dream world.

Where was Garcia when his buddy Tari raised taxes on the poor?

  • Sales Tax
  • Utilities Tax
  • Garbage Fees that go up every year without a vote
  • .08 per gallon gas tax
  • Sewer rates that increase every year without a vote

These taxes disproportionately affect poor people!  You didn’t protest these Sonny.

garcia 2

Looks like help is already available:

illegal a

illegal c

crab 234

See the bumper sticker.





15 thoughts on “As seen on Facebook

  1. They want the taxpayers to hand out cash to illegal immigrants and poor people? While we are looting the area’s treasury, perhaps we could steal some hot tar patch for Hershey Street?

    Yes, a bucket of hot tar of day keeps the bent rims away!

  2. St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Unitarian Universalist side by side on an advertisement. Makes me sick. Carillo’s Marie Antoinette imagery is nauseating. She and nazi Pelosi must be friends.

    1. Both are members in good standing with Illinois People’s Action. Unitarians have always promoted socialist/communist thought. They’re churches are known as the “Little Red Churches ” St. Marys, in order to remain open, has sold itself out to the concept of Liberation Theology a philosophy started by liberal Catholic Hispanic leaders in Central and South America and promoted by the current anti-capitalist pope who most Catholics disdain.

  3. Why is Jenn so upset? She has dedicated her adult life to collapsing the economic system of the United States. Did she not realize the devastation this would cause?
    Again Jenn works for People’s Action which is partnered with Illinois Peoples Action and several progressive based churches in Bloomington. These selfish fat cats are a 501c3 and out sitting on over 12,000,000 in assets. Jenn Why isn’t your organization providing rent assistance in Bloomington?

  4. Hopefully Crabill will continue to wear that mask. It’s an improvement!
    And btw, I’ve never heard of a food bank asking for an I.D.

  5. Looks to me as if the radical left has a new target on the Bloomington City Council, Jamie Mathy. Last election it was Karen Schmidt and they solicited funds to help move Jenn and her partner to her ward so she could run against her. Wonder who Sonny is planning on carpet bagging to Jamie’s ward?

  6. I’m shocked to see a local faith based leader Sonny Garcia using the “F word” while attacking a local Council member.
    Mr. Sonny Garcia. Your socialist, sorry I men faith based group Illinois Peoples Action as a 5013c is allowed by the Internal Revenue Service to give money to people in need of rent assistance.

    1. Garcia is the typical thug from the barrio that likes to fashion himself as a tough guy. He runs his mouth ad nauseum and makes threats he can’t back up one-on-one and only does so when he has a mob behind him. He uses religion as a tool to advance himself and his cohorts politically but really doesn’t believe any of it. Like Jenn, he wants to turn the area into a community run by minority thugs and govern it by threats and intimidation..He loves the publicity and hasn’t met a microphone or TV camera he doesn’t like. It’s the same old Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton acts that common sense people wised up to long ago.

  7. Jenn’s FB comment is not true. She is not in touch with reality. Her DEMANDS did not move forward, rightly so. Watch the meeting. There was no motion…not allowed at a CoW. There was a “straw poll.” Crabill’s Aldermanic Initiative clearly stated he was asking for a vote on 4/27…check the packet on the City’s website. Crabill tried to amend his Initiative at the meeting claiming he didn’t understand how the process worked. The Mayor stated that whether it was a discussion or a vote was a moot point. WHAT??? Check the dictionary for the definitions of each term. Misinformation, misrepresentation, manipulation…lies.

  8. Mathy should call out Sonny Boy at the next council meeting and challenge him to insult him to his face. Tell Sonny to come by himself with no back-up and they can work it out in the parking lot. No arrests will be made.

  9. If the city councils and mayors would let people go back to work then all of this talk would be a moot point. Open the businesses and let staff go to work. Its so simple even a dip like Jenn should be able to understand it. As always their answer is give tax dollars to people. How can the cities give tax dollars that dont exist anymore? No one working so no one paying taxes. I know,I know. Jenn and her buds dont want people to stand on their own two feet. They want us to be dependent on gov. Real Americans dont want a gov handout they want to WORK!

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