Gas Station Civil Disobedience

By: Diane Benjamin

I hope you aren’t excited by the “plummeting” cost of gas – that is how one local media described the price trend.

Plummeting would be back to $3.00 or less as it was before WAR was declared on fossil fuels. Unaffordable everything is a direct result of that war, the poor and middle class are being decimated on purpose. Recession was totally predictable to anyone with a functioning brain.

Buying gas isn’t something I do often, but I try to fill the car when it gets to around half a tank. The smack doesn’t feel as bad even though 1/2 tank costs what a full tank used to. Yesterday I stopped at Quik and Easy on Vernon. Below is their Pritzker compliant sign above the pump, notice the required verbiage is in small print:

Scanning the QR Code takes you to a story from the Illinois Policy Institute about Illinois gas taxes:

Gas was $.05 cheaper at this station than the place I usually frequent. I had to break my “never cross Veterans” policy to run an errand.

What signs have you seen? If a sign like this isn’t at every station I will start going slightly out of my way to buy from these guys!

This is a brilliant example of civil disobedience that doesn’t involve burning buildings, shooting at police, or destroying businesses. Thumbs up guys!






9 thoughts on “Gas Station Civil Disobedience

  1. I stopped at the Shell station on south Veteran’s Pkwy yesterday and there was something typed up and taped to the gas pump about the taxes. All I remember reading and seeing was the “FJB” someone penned on it.

  2. Exploiting taxpayers, working class citizens, the messaging and system is what Illinois Government does best.

    It’s a well oiled machine with everything including businesses and gas stations at it’s mercy.

    Nothing to see here and so called leadership sacrifices nothing to do it. In fact, they gain.

  3. It’s past time for business owners everywhere to start fighting the lies repeatedly told by politicos and the media they have in their back pockets. Knowing Illinois and BN, once the word gets out gas stations are standing up to them, threats of fines or legal action will be made through the Governor’ s office or state attorney. Locally, Koos will come after local station owners claiming they are in violation of a sign ordinance or threatened them through a visit from local law enforcement like Pam Reece and her Covid crusade against restaurants and bars.

    1. Yes, you totally see their ways, oh, and they are very much like the old Soviet ways, or Chi-Com ways, or any number of despotic tyrants through the ages. They’ve just been “tweaked” a bit to fit the current situations and time. Anyone who thinks B-N doesn’t “target” people is really being naive.

  4. Gas prices are set on an international level. Oil is traded as a commodity also on an international level. In London gas is now £1.48 a litre — $7.60 a U.S. gallon. This includes tariffs which the English pay, which are just like the taxes we pay. Neither Pritzker or the president of the United States have control over the price of oil or gas. What are you going to write when gas prices inevitably go down which they are currently trending?

    The American Taliban is unbelievable. whine, whine, whine.

  5. Makes me want to fill up at QuiknEz next time I need fuel! More power to ’em. __ Nick Mullins

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